Kaiserreich Anime Mod

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Author: rinbro
Last revision: 14 Apr at 04:26 UTC


>>>[This mod requires 1.5.2 for the load mod dependency function! Play on 1.5.2 or wait for hotfix SOON™]<<<

Moereich: Legacy of Soyuzmultfilm (Kaiserreich Anime Mod) is an anime portrait submod for Kaiserreich.

It includes anime portrait of all leaders and generals of:

Afghanistan, AOG, AUS, Australasia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, CSA, Deutsch Ost-Asien, Egypt, Finland, Flanders-Wallonia, Commune of France, National France, Germany, Indochina, Republic of Italy, SRI, Japan, Legation Cities, Ma Clique, Mongolia, Netherlands, Ottomans, Papal States, PSA, Persia (Iran), Poland, Qing, Russia, Soviet Russia, Sardinia, Two Sicilies, Shangqing, Union of Britain, USA

Plus more!

Fully compatible with Kaiserreich and Kaiserreich Music.