Hearts of iron WWII

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Author: Red Skull
Last revision: 20 Apr at 16:20 2018 UTC


Hi everybody I present you my mod hearts of iron wwII

it only works with version 1.5.2 this is a beta

this mod reworks all the major focus trees for more historicity
for :
France / Italy / germany / Soviet union / USA /Japan / Romania /Hungary / United kingdom / Finland / Siam / Bulgary / Ethiopia / Raj / Canada / Australia / South Africa

with new events new ideas and new generals
new skin for ger ita usa and jap fleet

it also implements a new petrol/ fuel system that will play a major role during the wars
you’ll get an overview of your average gasoline stock on the menu bar at the top of the screen

from now the consumption of gasoline will be made only in war period but the daily consumption will be more consequent than before

PS: only countries controlled by players can generate gasoline and will have speed penalties if it does not have enough gasoline. because ai vanilla is too stupid to generate enough gasoline.

New gold system gold is produced by civilian factories and consumed by military army and military factories
no need to produce gold, it is done alone
countries starting with a gold deficit:
country starting with good gold production:

this mod is available in english , french and german
I thank xBastiiV for the German translation

do not forget to like it if you like it, It’s always nice ^^

New flags implement in the mod

this mod was developed by myself and my friend le_grand _napoleon
and I specify that some images and fous come from one of my other friends Spartantom with his mod WW2 rebalance

some trees were inspired by pfu mod