Blackice HOI IV

Authors: maverick, Panzeroo, Colonial Rebel, alenalenalen
Last revision: 17 Apr at 10:29 UTC


Black ICE HOI IV Version 1.18

Black ICE is a mod which aims to overhaul HOI IV in order to make a more immersive, historical, and challenging experience for the player. We aim to tread a fine line between historical accuracy and the game balance. The mod is primarily a single player vs AI build, however multiplayer is possible and balance will be worked on in future versions.

Version 1.0+ sets the ground work for more to come. We will add in content continuously either directly via the BICE team or through player input and additions. We welcome other modders and players to contribute work to BICE. If you see something you can do better let the BICE team know. At this stage of the mod development nothing is set in stone and the mod is just the bare skeleton for a future monster BICE.

Remove all other mods ! If you need to use other mods, do so at your own risk. We aim to overhaul the entire game so other mods will not be balanced or accommodated for in BICE. We are happy to incorporate other mods into BICE itself on occasion. However other mods will need to be made compatible to work with BICE. So if another mod doesn’t work or breaks BICE, it’s not our issue to fix.

Due to being version 1.18, not everything we have set up works 100% correctly or is balanced as yet. We could spend another 6 months doing that work. Or we could release it to you guys and let you give feedback, suggestions, and helping hands. So consider yourselves playtesters ! You might find an update breaks your save game. Sorry about that ! The alternative is to come back in 6 months when BICE updates are fewer. Right now you can probably expect an update at least once a week.

We don’t tend to mod using the 3D models and prefer counters. So apologies for the lack of 3D model work. We are open to modders who want to contribute new models for those who prefer them.

NATO counters are also preferred, however we will make an effort to keep none NATO counters functional.

1.18 changelog

added Swedish NF mod
‘A Swedish Tiger’ by Herman Lindqvist

added Belgium NF mod
‘The Belgian Lion Roars Again’ by Thinking_waffle

added French NF mod
‘France Total Rework’ by Faust
Morrocan and Tunisian OOB updated

added !More Unit Levels – Vanilla range by CrouchingLemur
Neutrality events added for various minor nations
Italian OOB tweaks
minor nation country colours
uniforms GFX fix
volunteers army size amount lowered slightly
equipment for some minors added
industry techs tweaked
partisans spawns reduced in frequency
German armor techs and equipment expanded thanks to Goerge Parr
Intergrating AA to German Surface Fleet techtree.
Integrated ASW / Radar and torpedo techs into german submarine techtree and german surface fleet techtree
Renamed torpedo to torpedo-types for germany
Added: fast_battleship, armored_carrier, destroyer_escort, light_cruiser_aa, pocket_battleship.
Renamed filename light_carrier to carrier_light.
Fixed state_ID for Fall of Berlin
Monarchy ideology work thanks to Duel_obliteration
german motorcycle infantry units is first level of Mech infantry
German pz templates updated
german armor rebalanced to take into account equipment sharing
japanese flag fixes
Oman flag fixes
infra production speed tech increased slightly
Uk, soviet, USA, Italy, japanese armor templates changed to include early mech formations
CIC slightly cheaper
CIC to MIC conversion cost lowered
swiss starting template fixed
dockyards reduced in cost slightly
partisan unit nerfed
minor nation leaders by pxroberto
motorised mountain artyiillery unit by msslupu
extensive localisation work across the board by msslupu
airborne artillery unit by msslupu
tech activated equipment added
– Mortars
– Snipers
– HQ radio
– Infantry radio
– Vehicle radio
– Tank radio
– Artillery radio
– Recon radio
– Flamethrowers
new equipment added to small arms factory
new techs added
– artillery spotter planes
– engineer bridging equipment
– cavalry motorisation
truck factroy GFX fix
USA states changes by msslupu
Added CMD PZ. and BERGER PZ. to German tech tree
Added CMD and AVR TANK
Added French Armor techtree by George Parr
GFX work by colonialrebel
tweaked infantry techtree GUI
tweaked supoort techtree GUI
monarchy NF work by schlosser
USA AI MIC gearing up for war events
Made designerview moveable
IJN Naval updates by yuudachipoi
Corrected date GER 13 mot. Inf-Div
approx 10% MIC boost to major nations and important minors
Naval ship production boost reduced from 8 shipyards to 4
continous focus build IC bonus reduced to account for BICE factories.
Indian NF focus Assam oil fix
Hv AA stats increased compared to AA
low Infra movement speed penalty reduced slightly
10% MIC, CIC increase to select states
10% resources increase to select states
small german OOB name changes by davewolf
AI production tweaks
convoy battles bug fix
AI equipment production
various equipment buildable without tech fix
chinese and warlords mountain infantry added

With credit to other mods added

!More Unit Levels – Vanilla range by CrouchingLemur
‘France Total Rework’ French National Focus by Faust
‘A Swedish Tiger’ Swedish National focus by Herman Lindqvist
‘The Belgian Lion Roars Again’ Belgium National Focus by Thinking_waffle
The Dutch Lion Roars Again – A Dutch National Focus Overhaul by paTchie
Star and Crescent Turkish National Focus mod by pompelmo
New Zealand National Focus by Littman
Polish NF mod " Miedzymorze Extended by Aravial, ZMIANA, and Binch"
China National Focus by Kappa
Better Canada Mod by Zeress
TURK Leaders mod by Barbaros
Light and Escort Carriers by Pinback fhtagn
Unique Infantry Equipment mod by Ulmont
Better Ireland v2.0 by Antonius Magnus
Portugal Total Rework by EagleEye
Lords of Winter – Finland Focuses by Nightingale
Viva España – A National Focus and Overhaul Mod for Spain by Verenikin
Mr K’s Australian Focus Tree by Prime Memester
Japanese National Focus by Verenikin
Gfx-Profiles by Cpack

BICE GameGuide by Crouching Lemur

Use other mods at your own risk. At this stage BICE isnt designed to work with other mods.
If you have a favourite mod you want added to BICE, get into touch with the modder and ask for permission. There is a good chance we will incorporate it into BICE.

BICE Version 1.0+ team credits

Panzeroo – mod lead
Maverick87 – GUI, events, Germany
Alenalenalen3 – Unique Air units/techs/ events
Colonial rebel – GFX
George parr – Unit rebalance project/ events
Verenikin – National Focus work
Silvercloud – Events
Schlosser – Brazil/ Monarchy work
duel_obliteration – Monarchy work
msslupu – localisation / USA
yuudachipoi – Navy work
Phx_roberto – leaders

With thanks to
Sjtern _ AI production and template work
Alkin – Flags
Aranax – GFX
Artur – uboat rebalance
atheory – Unit rebalance project/ Unique armor units
Cassian – Unique Armor
coop – UK/commonwealth
Dan1109 – National Focus
Thedeciderr – Unique armor units
Comrademisha – Events
Deadend85 – Events
Franc sher – China
Mackman113 –
Oumajgad – leader traits
Timasaurus007 – events
solfall – Norway
Sunwhisper – national focus
Wunder wuffle – custom templates
duel_obliteration – sounds
Xxroxx – national focus / events

and…slackbot "BICE is Life. Life is BICE"

If you have modding skills and or a mod and would like to contribute to BICE send me a PM and we can discuss

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