Solus Rex

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Author: Kosmonaut

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It’s 1934, and the age of kings may be coming to a bloody end. France and Austria dominated Europe for decades after Prussia lost the Franco-Prussian War, but their defeat in the Great War at the hands of Britain and its allies threw the old order into disarray, and the new British-led order is now threatened by global economic collapse. This chaos has led to the rise of both socialist and nationalist forces across the world, bitterly opposed to one another as well as to the old powers.

Music Submod:
Legacy Build (1.5.*-compatible only):

– For reasons unknown to me, the game is sometimes crashing to desktop when wars start. This is a new problem in 1.6 that I have had a lot of trouble trying to solve. I am making this version of the game available anyway in the hope of finding help with the problem.
Map: Done, apart from a few things that require changes to provinces.
Gameplay Mechanic Changes: Very far along.
Scenario: The broad strokes are basically there. Only a few countries have been heavily developed so far.

– American Workers’ Republic
– Confederate States
– France
– Prussia
– United States

(By "placeholder focus tree," I mean something like "the generic focus tree with an extra branch stuck on")
– Austria-Hungary
– Brazil
– England
– Japan
– Mexico
– Ottoman Empire
– Russian SSR

Ideology-flipping is more difficult and more costly in Solus Rex compared to vanilla, and navigating internal politics is intended to play a larger role in the game. There are nine ideologies:
– Anarchism (Anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-communism)
– Syndicalism (De Leonism)
– Communism (Marxism-Martovism, Marxism-Martovism-Berianism, Marxism-Martovism-Trotskyism)
– Progressivism (Ba’athism, social democracy)
– Liberalism (Classical liberalism, social liberalism)
– Conservatism (Christian democracy, national conservatism, traditionalist conservatism)
– Integralism (National Catholicism)
– Falangism (Falangism, national syndicalism)
– Radical Nationalism (Fascism, Salafi jihadism, Strasserism, Showa Statism, Volkism)

(I.e., how is this mod different from the zillion other alt history mods?)
More interactive and immersive politics and economics: Without attempting to replicate the actual feel or mechanics of Victoria II, Solus Rex should expand Hearts of Iron IV to approach Victoria II’s depth in handling these aspects of country management. There should be decision-making and trade-offs involved in achieving political and economic goals.
Open world with decisions: While there is nothing inherently wrong with choose-your-own-adventure-esque branching plots, Solus Rex should make the player responsible for achieving their goals through gameplay, rather than let the decision-making system be the sole driver of the story, and long-term development of the scenario should focus mainly on improving replay value. It should also be possible (if difficult) for a player to "go off the rails" and make choices that take them beyond the planned story.
The center cannot hold: Solus Rex is meant to portray a world in which the rise of liberalism had little effect on the old order, but in which that order is quickly unraveling in the aftermath of the Great War. There should be a mood of crisis, and the rise of far-left and far-right political factions should be near-universal (although they will not always manage to seize power).

You combine Solus Rex with other mods at your own risk. The mod is intended to work as a standalone package and is not tested with any outside files enabled.

Some components of Solus Rex are derived from components of other mods. All credit for these components belongs to their respective mod teams.
– The technology portion of Road to 56 (ETAT) is incorporated into Solus Rex.
– Kryo’s RGFX Border Overhaul is incorporated into Solus Rex.
– A small number of focuses in Prussia’s tree are from R56, but these are placeholders and badly need to be redone.
– Pepin the Hunchback’s Spicy Generic Icons mod was the basis for the change to generic equipment icons.
– The ideology pressure system is derived from Millennium Dawn’s influence system.

I don’t mind if you use my work as the basis for components of your own mods, but if you do, I ask that you give me credit and point people toward Solus Rex.