Romania Fixed

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Author: Akfiz
Last revision: 17 Jul at 19:59 2018 UTC


This mod aims to fix some of Romania’s historical inaccuracies and make it a more enjoyable nation to play with, but not overpowered.


1. Democratic Party

In the base game Romania’s political representation is wrong. In 1936 Romania was a constitutional democracy with the largest party being PNL led by Gheorge Tatarescu. While Armand Calinescu (the pirate!) would become the leader of FRN in 1938.

Before: Democratic – 20% ; Non-Aligned – 60% ; Democratic Leader: Armand Calinescu ; Non-Aligned Leader: Gheorge Tatarescu.
Now: Democratic – 60% ; Non-Aligned – 20% ; Democratic Leader: Gheorge Tatarescu ; Non-Aligned Leader: Armand Calinescu.

2. Institute Royal Dictatorship

Since the political representation of Romania was changed to be more realistic, this focus becomes impossible because it needs FRN as the leading party and less than 50% popularity for democracy, fascism and communism. Now the focus doesn’t need those anymore but will give +50% political popularity to FRN and FRN becomes the rulling party. Historically, King Carol II didn’t need a political majority to establish FRN, so we shouldn’t need high FRN popularity to establish the dictatorship.

The extra code is as following:
add_popularity = {
popularity = 0.5
ideology = neutrality
set_politics = { ruling_party = neutrality elections_allowed = no }

3. Priorities for Steel Works, Malaxa, Oil and Defense.

These 4 focus trees give you factories and resources in random states. The problem is the random, because historically it wasn’t random. The Steel Works are in Hunedoara which is a city in Transylvania. But to keep things flexible, instead of adding a fixed location I added priorities for those locations. Only if they can’t be built there, they will be built somewhere else.

Hunedoara Steel Works = Prioritize Transylvania ; prioritize = { 84 }
MALAXA = Prioritize Moldova ; prioritize = { 79 }
German-Romanian Oil Exploitation Company = Prioritize Muntenia ; prioritize = { 46 }
National Defense Industry = Prioritize Oltenia and Moldova. ; prioritize = { 81 } ; prioritize = { 79 }
Expand the Air Force = Prioritize Muntenia and Moldova ; prioritize = { 46 } ; prioritize = { 79 }
Expand the Galati Shipyards = Prioritize Muntenia ; prioritize = { 46 }

This is good not only historically-wise but also gameplay-wise because one or more of those focuses can randomly place the factories or resources in regions that depending on your playing style you may have to give up: Bessarabia, Bucovina, Northern Transylvania and Dobruja. The “Danubian Transport Network” focus already had prioritizations so I don’t see why these didn’t had already.

To balance the game and help those without DLC, instead of starting with 4 iron in Transylvania and gain 12 with the Steel Works focus, you start with 8 iron in Transylvania and gain 8 by Steel Works focus. It is also more believable that the Steel Works’ production doubled rather than quadrupled.

4. Iron Guard and Securitate

The Iron Guard focus adds some attack and defense on core territory but removes the +1.00% recruitable population from the Sentinels of the Motherland idea. This doesn’t make sense. The Iron Guard did everything that Carol’s Sentinels of the Motherland did but better (including recruitment). Beside a political party, the Iron Guard was a fascist paramilitary group, so it makes sense to increase conscription either by force or by conviction. The Securitate idea had a bug that made it impossible to obtain, now it works and it also has +1.00% recruitable population like the fascist Iron Guard. Both of them also increase their ideology by +0.02 daily since that was one of the goals of a paramilitary.

5. Demand Transnistria

The story of Transnistria goes as following: The Soviet Union took Bessarabia and Bucovina from Romania, Nazi Germany took Southern Dobruja and Northern Transylvania from Romania, Romania joined the Axis to recover Bessarabia and Bucovina from the Soviet Union. After taking back Bessarabia and Bucovina during Operation Barbarossa, Romania demanded Transnistria from Nazi Germany as compensation for Southern Dobruja and Northern Transylvania that Romania previously lost to Germany’s allies, and Germany accepted. So instead of declaring war for Transnistria, which never happened, the focus was changed to just add claims for Transnistria, making it more likely that Romania will take them during peace negociations.

6. More Generals

With the Waking the Tiger DLC, more generals are required for each nation, I added extra 6 generals for Romania, with unique portraits, making for a total of 10 generals. Out of which 4 are Field Marshals because Romania had 4 armies in World War II. To keep the game balanced the newly added generals have lower skills than the already present generals.

7. Reolcalization of Constanta and New Cities

The city of Constanta is not placed where the base game says its placed, so it was changed to its correct location. Other large cities were added: Chisinau (2nd largest city at that time), Cernauti (3rd largest city at that time), Galati (6th largest city at that time), Craiova (8th largest city at that time). To keep the victory points balanced I removed 2 points from Constanta to create Chisinau and Cernauti and 2 points from Ploiesti to create Galati and Craiova.

8. Town State in Moldova

In the base game Moldova has is a rural state having only 2 building slots. This is highly inaccurate as Moldova had 2 of the largest cities in the country: Iasi (4th largest city) and Galati (6th largest city). Iasi is larger than Cluj and both are larger than Brasov, whose states are towns giving them 4 building slots. So I changed Moldova in a town state giving it 4 building slots.

9. Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu was the founder and leader of the Iron Guard until his assassination on November 1938. If the Iron Guard doesn’t become the ruling party and Romania doesn’t join the Axis by then, he is assassinated and replaced by Ion Antonescu. But if either the Iron Guard becomes the ruling party or Romania joins the Axis before November 1938, Codreanu won’t die. In the first case because he is in power now and in the second because assassinating him will damage relations with Germany. If you start the game in 1939 you will already have Antonescu as the Iron Guard’s leader.

The code for the event is the following:
# Corneliu Zelea Codreanu is assassinated
country_event = {
id = romania.7
title = romania.7.t
desc = romania.7.d
picture = GFX_report_event_europe_funeral
trigger = {
tag = ROM
AND = {
date > 1938.11.20
date < 1938.12.20
NOT = { has_government = fascism }
NOT = { ROM = { is_in_faction_with = GER } }
fire_only_once = yes
option = { # New Leader Antonescu
name = romania.7.a
ai_chance = { factor = 100 }
create_country_leader = {
name = "Ion Antonescu"
picture = ""
expire = "1965.1.1"
ideology = fascism_ideology
traits = {
} } } }

  • Overall, your gaming experience should be pretty much the same, but if you have historical OCD like me, you’ll feel much better having a more historically accurate version.
  • You don’t need any DLC for this mod, but without the Death or Dishonor you won’t have the unique (and modified) focus tree, but you will have access to all other elements of this mod.
  • The generals with unique portraits are taken from the Kaiserreich Mod with permission from the modders as long as I mention that I took those generals from Kaiserreich, which I already did.