Infry’s More Ship Names for Kaiserreich

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Author: Infryndiira
Last revision: 2 May at 14:48 UTC


Are you sick of building a fleet, only to see a mass of "Destroyer 8", "Light Cruiser 3" and "Battleship 1" populating it? Look no further, for you have come to the right place!


Following similar work for the vanilla game, I have returned with a mod offering hundreds of ship names for a variety of Kaiserreich countries that are currently lacking such:

  • Allgemeine Ostasien-Gesellschaft
  • Austria
  • Deutsch-Ostasien
  • Illyria
  • Papal State
  • Russia
  • Sardinia
  • Transamur
  • Turkey
  • United Baltic Duchy
  • United Kingdom
  • Venice

Why include minors such as Illyria and the Baltic Duchy, you ask? Simple. While they are individually not as popular as other countries, they do build small fleets which receive generic names, and upon their integration by other countries (eg. Austria and Russia) the new owners of these fleets are thus left with generically-named warships that can break their immersion.

The list includes a lot of historical names, appropriate for their individual classes, taken from the historical navies of Austria-Hungary, Imperial Russia, and Croatia, as well as fitting original names for the Baltic Duchy, offering the opportunity to build a massive fleet (relative to the country size) and even take considerable losses before the game defaults back to generic naming patterns.

Latest Changes in v0.2
  • Changed internal file structure for clarity.
  • Added ship names for 8 new countries, with 1 receiving a minor rework, and 1 more seeing expansion!
  • Added extra original names for the United Baltic Duchy.
  • Added original and German navy names for Deutsch-Ostasien and the Allgemeine Ostasien-Gesellschaft, together with a fictional AOG ship prefix (OGMS for Ostasien-Gesellschaft Marine Schiff).
  • Added Russian navy names for Transamur.
  • Added historical ship names for a restored United Kingdom (list taken from the More Ship Names – Britain mod, credit goes where it’s due).
  • Added Italian ship names for Sardinia, with the monarchist prefix, and removed the monarchist prefix for Republican Italy.
  • Added a mix of historical, original, and Italian names for the Battle Pope Papal State. Deus Vult.
  • Added a mix of original and Italian names for the Republic of Venice.
  • Added Ottoman ship names for Turkey, along with the republican TCG prefix.


This is designed specifically to work with Kaiserreich. This mod is NOT compatible with achievements!

Nevertheless, if you encounter compatibility issues, please let me know so I may resolve it ASAP! The same goes if you have requests for new country lists for the mod!

Future Plans
  • Add support for the American Union State, Combined Syndicates of America, Pacific States of America, Two Sicilies, Syndicalist Italy, Scotland, Wales and Australasia.
  • Maintain functionality and update for coming patches.

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