World War Hold ’em

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Author: taytay

Last revision: 11 Mar at 12:38 UTC (2)

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Have you ever thought that Hearts of Iron IV is missing something crucial but can’t figure what exactly that is? Well, think no more because everything you ever asked is in this mod! You will finally have the complete Hearts of Iron IV experience that you were missing.

This mod adds a fully playable Poker implementation (Texas Hold ’em to be more specific). You can buy chips by using political power or selling your stockpiles, enter/create tournaments using your chips and then cash-in your winnings for loot-boxes or more equipment!

If you just want to play poker without ability to buying/selling chips or openning loot-boxes, subscribe to this patch.

  • Features
  • A fully playable poker game with up to 7 players
  • AI or human opponents (in multiplayer)
  • A new resources, chips, that is used in poker and can be traded for equipment/political power
  • Loot-boxes!
  • Good boy as the commentator
  • Planned Content
  • Unlockable hats!
  • Better AI
  • Ability to bet your states, now you really can go all in!
  • Known Issues
  • When you buy/sell chips or open loot-boxes, game does not updates its GUIs instant, your rewards may be invisible up to a day

    Should be compatible with most mods, if you know a popular mod that causes issues please tell!

  • Updates
  • May 6th 2018
  • Fixed a crash when a mod removes Germany from the game
  • Fixed all-in situations where a country that bet less than the minimum bet winning more than it should have
  • Added "friendly mode" to the tournament, in which you don’t actually bet chips.
  • Added "no chips/loot-boxes" patch
  • May 5th 2018
  • Fixed some crashes with other mods, when they change unit name templates
  • Fixed some issues when a player opens a loot-box while not all of the rewards are researched
  • Reduced amount of manpower you get from the loot-boxes
  • Jul 25th 2018
  • Updated to 1.5.4
  • Mat 3rd 2019
  • Updated to 1.6

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.