*UMC* Germany Completed

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Author: Narzgel
Last revision: 28 Jul at 17:47 UTC


UMC – Ultimate Mod Colection

presents: Germany Completed, a overhaul mod for German Reich.

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New Flag:
Unique Focus Tree: Almost vannila-style focus tree with more than 80 new focuses!
Expanded Decisions: More than 10 more protectorats with unique flag, Osttruppen Legions!
Speeches Audio: Integrated favourite mod "Decisions: Speeches Audio"!
New Generals: More than 20 new generals!
Reworked Traits for Advisors & Designers: Feel the unique and powerfull (and expensive) German Panzers!

Future plans of mod:

Monarchist Path: Will be definitely added. It will not be in original focus yet it will rather transfer on whole new and unique "Deutsches Kaiserreich" focus tree.
Unique Leaders: My intention is to keep this mod as close as it could be to vannila. Therefore many leaders (protectorate leaders, Reinhard Heydrich) don’t have their picture. That should change to the future tho.
Expand Focus Tree: I know, it is already big enough yet future DLC will surely add new mechanics and other stuff whitch will be later integrated in the mod. (Better naval warfare pls?)
Also some focuses alowing Germanization of "Lebensraum".
Better AI behavior:

Future plans of UMC:

Reworked other Nations: Witch one first? The already overhouled by Paradox. So Japan, Hungary for a start.
(Japan to form "The man in the High Castle" scenario, Hungary to better reflect Germany’s focus decisions – means, Germany picks monarchist path, Hungary also picks mon. path.)
Also be for at least some difference between nations. The 1000 T-34 fighting one Tiger will finally come true! – one day.

Looking for:

News/Events creators: There is never enough events right?
Photoshop skill boiz: To create vannila-style historical portraits & maybe some unique focus icons.


I DONT KNOW: Seriously, you need to try it yourself. Just run the game and see. It’s okay to ask but I already answered question about compability with Road to 56 like 56 times already. And I still don’t know.


How long did this take?: Like 3 months + X months of writing ideas 🙂
Will you do focus for this nation and this…: Yea, I will. One day. After the oficial DLC expanding that nation.


@Indyclone77: for his AMAZING GFX work.
@vpl300: for his "Decisions: Speeches Audio"
@C8555: for his AddFewGeneral
@Kaiserreich boiz: for theirs Focus Tree icons
@Total War Mod boiz: for theirs Focus Tree icons – go check their mod!
@johannikks: for helping me with some mod stuff


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