*UMC* Germany Completed

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Author: Narzgel
Last revision: 28 Nov at 19:17 2018 UTC


UMC – Ultimate Mod Colection

presents: Germany Completed, a overhaul mod for German Reich.

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New Flag:
Unique Focus Tree: Almost vannila-style focus tree with more than 80 new focuses! + Unique Focus tree for Monarchist Germany!
Expanded Decisions: More than 10 more protectorats with unique flag, Osttruppen Legions!
Speeches Audio: Integrated favourite mod "Decisions: Speeches Audio"!
New Generals: More than 20 new generals!
Reworked Traits for Advisors & Designers: Feel the unique and powerfull (and expensive) German Panzers!

Future plans of mod:

– Add more post-war stuff and much more!

Future plans of UMC:

– Look on Discord for this man!

Looking for:

News/Events creators: There is never enough events right?


I DONT KNOW: Seriously, you need to try it yourself. Just run the game and see. It’s okay to ask but I already answered question about compability with Road to 56 like 56 times already. And I still don’t know.


How long did this take?: Like 3 months + X months of writing ideas 🙂
Will you do focus for this nation and this…: Yea, I will. One day. After the oficial DLC expanding that nation.


@Indyclone77: for his AMAZING GFX work.
@Abbus: for his AMAZING GFX work. Yep, they are both amazing!
@vpl300: for his "Decisions: Speeches Audio"
@C8555: for his AddFewGeneral
@Kaiserreich boiz: for theirs Focus Tree icons
@Total War Mod boiz: for theirs Focus Tree icons – go check their mod!


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– Japan Overhaul: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1518661328&tscn=1538145965
– Generic Overhaul: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1424237406


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