Hearts of Iron IV: Armenia Overhaul Mod

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Authors: ★ Nunuxx ★, Lev Slav
Last revision: 5 Jun at 13:31 UTC


What This Mod Does & Includes

This mod is essentially an overhaul of the Caucasus in Hearts of Iron IV as well as adds other elements such as a split Ostpreußen state, a coast of Moldova state and Moldova, all of the Central Asian nations such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and better Polish provinces for a more realistic Yalta version of Europe. The mod also includes new country colours and names.

This mod is a alternative history if the Caucasus was never conquered by the Red Russians and if they stayed independant giving fuel for major border conflicts with Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey. In addition to some new core states for Armenia to retake, many provinces have been redesigned to give a more historically accurate Wilsonian Armenia and current modern day Armenia 2018 (Not including Karabagh). The new countries included in this mod are the Republic of Artsakh, whose core province is in Nagorno-Karabakh, Kurdistan which has cores in Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran; Transcaucasia which is the unified Caucasian state that has core on all of Transcaucasia and finally Western Armenia, releasable by Turkey and conquerable by base game Armenia.

The mod gives the released Caucasus states their own divisions and gives Armenia two new national spirits (see pictures). The mod also gives Armenia a modified generic focus tree more suitable for conquering the Caucasus and Turkey.