Victoria 2 Colors

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Author: s_team337
Last revision: 29 Jun at 16:42 2017 UTC


This mod changes all the country colors in the game to match the country colors in Victoria II.
Compatible for 1.4

A few notes:

This mod is not achievement compatible, as it changes the “common” folder, not to mention the “events” folder.

Any nation that does not exist in vanilla Vic2 has its color taken from the NNM mod. This is also why China is orange and not yellow, as NatChina is a separate tag in NNM.

Forming the Austro-Hungarian Empire as Hungary also has the Vic2 color. Changing Czechoslovakia to Czech Republic/Czechia also changes its color to Vic2’s Bohemia-Moravia tag.

Any Nation that does not exist in either vanilla Vic2 or Vic2 NNM does not have a color change. This includes East/West Germany, Pakistan, Mengkukuo, and Communist China. Laos also does not exist in either, but uses the color of Luang Prabang.

Germany and USSR start using the colors of Germany’s Fascist Dictatorship and Russia’s Proletarian Dictatorship, which are different to their starting colors in Vic2. India starts using their default Hoi4 color, which is changed to their Vic2 color when freed from Britain. These are all changed by events (color.1, color.2, etc), and the change is voluntary. It is also possible to change color back if the conditions are right. The AI will always choose to change their color.

The “Better Political Map” mod is also recommended to use alongside Vic2 Colors.

Feedback is welcome.

The mod is discontinued, due to my current work on another WIP mod called Calm Before the Storm. More information here: