Jay Friends United – JFU

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Author: MisterJay
Last revision: 4 Sep at 13:37 UTC


This is Jay Friends United or JFU. This mod is based on the PFU mod, and expands upon it. It recognizes that minors are often the silent powers -or don’t do much at all- and attempts to fix that. A lot of focuses are rebalanced, paths changed and extra focuses added. Every playable nation has its own focus tree.

This mod features a brand new Music Selector, a one of its kind. The mod contains lot of classical music and rock music. Mod also features an all-unique special forces tree that will surely improve your life on Romania and other heavy-special forces dependent countries!

Our discord can be found here[discord.gg], main host is Lichlordundead. We host host regularly so feel free to join us.

As the mod PFU is not updated by its author this is the unofficial continuation of PFU. I do not claim any rights to the mod apart from the music selector, and I do not claim to have made everything my self. I am aware that the original PFU creator has used a lot of content from other mods, if you are affected by this I am sorry and do not claim rights to those parts of the mod.