British Overhaul – Colonial Update

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Author: Hiraeth
Last revision: 24 May at 09:29 2018 UTC


Do you also find the effort put into the vanilla British tree absolutely shameful, for one of WW2’s ‘big three’?

Excellent! British Overhaul is a mod intended to rebuild the experience of playing as Britain from the ground up, with considerations to historical accuracy, more choices & varied gameplay, and interesting alternate-history scenarios. The main feature of the mod is the massive national focus tree with 170 new National Focuses (that’s ten more than my last offensively large national focus tree mod!), hundreds of lines of flavour text, with many having been adjusted to only take 35 days to balance around this, and others being extended to 120 days to reflect their importance.

The philosophy behind this continues the idea of a more choice-based experience from my last mod, with you actually having to intelligently manage the time you have before & during the World War to prioritize what’s important. I’ve added in a lot of stuff that will only happen when you go a certain way politically, so replaying this mod in different styles of government is heavily encouraged.

  • An entirely new, massive national focus tree with new focus icons, events, cosmetic tags & possibilities – adding in the functionality to play as anything from a unified Imperial Federation, an isolationist Fascist Britain or an Anarcho-Syndicalist worker’s republic.
  • Dozens of new events, some tied in to the focus tree and others recreating historical events left out of the base game.
  • Seven new releasable countries tied in to the new British focus tree.
  • A custom ‘generic colonial’ focus tree avaliable for six of those releasable nations.
  • Additions and reorganisations of provinces, states & victory points for historical & geographic accuracy (see changelogs for details). Including the long-lost Channel Islands!

  • How do I form the Imperial Federation?

    You will get an event in 1937 prompting you to begin the process of forming the Federation, by re-annexing all your Subects.

  • The Battle of Cable Street won’t fire for me, why?

    A number of people have reported this, though evidently not a majority – I’m afraid I don’t think there is anything in my mod (having looked through the code for the event a good number of times) that would prevent the event from firing, and it must be down to compatibility issues with other mods.

  • Why is George Orwell the communist leader in that screenshot?

    Orwell was no anti-communist, and wrote Animal Farm and 1984 as critiques of Stalinism, not Communism as a whole. He personally fought with the Anarcho-Syndicalists during the Spanish Civil War, as detailed in his book ‘Homage to Catalonia’.

  • Do you need all the DLC?

    I don’t think this mod necessarily requires any DLC to play, though I have all of them and did not particularly mind which DLC’s assets I was using during the mod’s production, so playing without DoD, TfV and WtT might make things a bit wonky.

  • What about playing as other countries?

    This mod is intended to be played as the UK, and may potentially derive choice from some minors in events.

  • Will you update your Greece mod?

    No, sorry, I’ve entirely lost interest in it and haven’t the faintest idea where to begin with making it compatible with the latest updates.

  • Can you make this mod compatible with X, Y or even Z?

    I’m afraid I’ve got really no experience with compatibility modding, so I’m not sure of the limits of things, but in general if there’s a mod which messes with the British Focus Tree, events, history files or anything like that I don’t think its going to be compatible. However, I am in the process of reorganising the files in a way which I think should improve general compatibility with other mods.

  • I’ve got a bug to report, or a suggestion!

    Look no further than the prepared bug reports & suggestions subforums, where you can post those, and I’ll look at them!


  • AveAwan for writing a number of the National Focus descriptions & consultation on the mod’s development.
  • Indyclone77 for a number of GFX (see changelogs).
  • /u/Hellerick on reddit for the given use of their British Communist flag.
  • Blackfalcon’s Historical Flag Mod (, directly integrated because of compatibility issues.
  • Ambiguous Britain for historical input on the Mobile Warfare focuses & descriptions.