World of Alternative 1920

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Author: Flotmistrz
Last revision: 31 May at 12:11 UTC


Mod Version: Alpha 0.35 (Austria-Hungary Echoes) –> more information in patch notes
Mod world history:
– World War I ended in 1918
– No one is declared victorious.
Changes in territory with fragments of Treaty of Versailles:
– German colonies still remain in German hands except for the colony in Ghana, which is handed over to Unitet Kingdom.
– Egypt is no longer an integral part of the colony of the United Kingdom, but remains dependent.

Middle East
– Turkey according to the treaty of Siras on September 7, 1918, renounces the lands south of the provinces mentioned:
Lebanon, Damascus, Deir-az-Zur, Mosul.
As a result of this treaty, countries such as Israel, Jordan and Iraq are formed.
– In Yemen, 1913, the pro-fascist party took control over country. As a result of a secret agreement entered into with the Central Powers, as a result of which Yemen received weapons and military equipment with the help of which they conquered Saudi Arabia in 1916. Then they refused to do their part of the contract – joining the central states. Now, they are preparing to take over the former areas of the Ottoman Empire in the future and become one of the major countries. But the heirs of the central powers will not forget this betrayal.


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