Expert AI: Kaiserreich

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Author: Chondrite
Last revision: 21 Jul at 08:35 UTC


This is a light weight version of Expert AI implemented for Kaiserreich. What this is means is:

-Much of the scripted AI features from Expert AI are not included in this version, such as: reworked logic for lend-lease, volunteers, scripted construction AI, anti-aggression scripting, advisor priorities. Some of these are a major part of what makes the AI more competetive in Expert AI.
-This version of Expert AI has not been fine tuned for Kaisserreich to account for things such as national focuses, ideas, decisions and so forth. AI diplomacy is completely unchanged.

What is included from the original Expert AI mod:

-Expert AI scripted interface for in-game difficulty settings and AI configuration except for certain settings that have been disabled.
-Most of the military coordination decisions: tell your allies what to build, check their stockpiles, tell them where to invade or to stop invasions, deny them from your borders etc.
-Scripted AI army focus system and everything related to make it work properly: reworked AI research, variants, template design process etc. That means the AI can change what it builds from game to game e.g. it can change its doctrines, template widths and designs, decide to focus on medium or heavy armor, decide which ships and aircraft it focuses on and more.
-Scripted naval invasion AI system that partly replaces the vanilla invasion AI which allows coordinated and more concentrated invasions from AIs.
-Most of the scripting to improve the AI’s division production (e.g. limits to how much it deploys, the ratios of divisions it builds etc.) and equipment production priorities.
-Tweaks to AI’s land, navy and air force use.
-Gameplay tweaks listed on the main page.

What should you expect?

I have not played with this myself and I have not run thorough tests so I don’t know if this will really make the AI harder. I have only made sure that the mod appears to function. The AI will certainly not be as competetive as in the original Expert AI mod. For that I would have to fully implement all of the scripted AI from the original mod as well as learn how Kaisserreich is played and run countless test games to optimize the AI properly. That’s something I’m only going to do for the original mod.

A better reason to use this mod is if you want a more interesting AI that is able to build a wide range of different things somewhat logically and if you want to use the in-game difficulty settings and AI controls this that mod offers.

I will not work on this mod actively so don’t ask me to fix what the AI does with national focuses or how it interacts with Kaiserreich’s gameplay mechanics or the overall balance etc. I will take feedback only on issues directly related to this mod.


This mod only works in combination with Kaiserreich. The original Expert AI mod should NOT be enabled. This is not guaranteed to work with Kaiserreich submods and I will not look into which combinations work myself. You’ll have to find out for yourself (most rules are the sale: no tech mods, equipment mods etc.).

Required items:
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