Modern Thailand 4.0

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Author: WeFailTheRodinaWeFailOurself
Last revision: 26 May at 01:29 UTC


Modern Thailand 4.0 is a mod that fix a small nation in Southeast Asian called Thailand in Modern Day 4 mod

+ New localisation for infantry weapons, some armored(and unarmored) vehicle, artillery, anti tank weapon and MANPADS.
+ New state : Lanna, Western and Eastern Thailand.
+ Unique Template for all King Guard division and for 9th Infantry Division (Those template cannot use to train more division nor edit.
* Update Thai generic template.
+ New template called Krom Robpiset(Special Force Regiment) and Kornphon Kluenthi Rew (Rapid Deploy Division)

+ Unique National Focus
+ More Localisation
+ Non generic General and Admiral
+ Defense company
* Balance
+ Unique National Spirit

+ Election

Required items:
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