Realistic Tank Sizes 2.0

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Author: Jaunatend
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Everyone is the welcome and thank you for supporting me.

You notice to change the size of the tanks in for more aesthetics. You are concerned with detail and realism. Here is the perfect mod that remelts all the sizes of tanks and vehicles of the game. Each tank in actual proportions has the reality according to their size, but all were not too big.

– Work with 1.5.3 version.

– Char of each nations rework.

– Better identification of tanks on the battlefield.

– You don’t need the DLC to work.

– Ironman/Achievement compatible.

Improve countries:

– Base generic: Tanks
– France: Tanks
– United States: Tanks
– United Kingdom: Tanks
– German Reich: Tanks
– Italy: Tanks
– Japan: Tanks
– Soviet Union: Tanks
– Poland: Tanks
– Dominion of Canada: Tanks
– Australia: Tanks
– New Zealand: Tanks
– Czechoslovakia: Tanks
– Hungary: Tanks
– Romania: Tanks

All tanks is done

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