Finlandia Focus Tree

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Author: finjeta
Last revision: 17 Jun at 19:42 UTC


Supported version 1.5.3


Brand new focus tree for Finland
Fascist, communist democratic, neutral and monarchist government branches
Branches for industry, fortification, navy, air and two for the army
30+ new ideas
8 generals and a field marshal with portraits and historically accurate traits
New historically accurate events as well as fixing vanilla events
Unique icons for some focuses and ideas

Finlandia Focus Tree

Finland was a extremely active country during WW2, fighting a fairly succesfull defencive war against the Soviet Union in the winter of 1939. Then in 1941 joining Germany in the Operation Barbarossa against Soviet Union and then finally in 1944 signed an armistice with the Soviet Union and being dragged into one last war against Germany.

Almost none of this is seen in Hearts Of Iron 4 though. Only the Winter War exists. Which is why I sought to make this mod in the first place. With this mod Finland has the option to join Germany against the Soviet Union and leave it if Germany is being pushed back.

There are also options to reform into a fascist or commuist nations and achieve their goals of either creating a Greater Finland or spreading the revolution to other Nordic nations. The democratic path on the other hand allows you to form a faction with Sweden, Norway and Denmark while un-aligned path will be the most historially accurate path. In addition there is a monarchist path that allows you to change Finland into a Kingdom and be lead by one of three houses. House Hesse, Romanov or Bernadotte each with their own focuses.

The focus tree also contains ways to increase one’s industry, mining, military tactics, manpower as well as paths for improving Finlands air and sea capabilities.

All of the branches have been made to be fairly realistic and to not make Finland overpowered while also taking into account Finlands real world actions and events pre- and post WW2.


While I cannot guarantee 100% compatibility with other mods I can still say that for most it shouldn’t be a problem. As long as they don’t do anything to modify Finland you should be fine.

While you don’t need any DLC’s for this mod to work it does use some graphical assets from them and as such you might have question marks in some of the focuses and ideas. That’s of course assuming paradox doesn’t include elements from the DLC’s in the files of the main game.

Achievements cannot be earned with this mod on.

1.1 new content

Added 8 new generals and one field marshal with portraits and historically accurate traits
Added Svinhufvud as the leader of non-aligned and his retirement after 1937 presidential elections
Updated 1936 political situation to be more realistic
Added historically accurate airforce for Finland
Updated fleet to match in game tech levels
Updated starting techs to be more historically accurate
Fine tuned the focus tree, events and AI decision making for both
(Read change notes from top of the page for full details)

1.2 update

Fixed "all" spelling mistakes
Balanced political trees
-"Finland Forever" is now locked so one cannot join a faction and still keep all the bonuses
-Democratic and Neutral paths now have focuses that give natural resources
(Full list of changes in the change notes on top of the page )

1.21 update

Various bug fixes
Added Mannerheim as a president and reparations debuff after making peace with the Soviets and ending the Continuation War
(Full list of changes in the change notes on top of the page )

1.3 Monarchy update

Changed all the focuses to be completed in 45 days (or less in few cases) instead of default of 70 days
Added a monarchy branch with three different royal houses
-House of Hesse. The family that was supposed to rule Finland after it’s independence if Finland hadn’t become a republic. In 1938 the family was lead by Philip Of Hesse who was a high ranking member in the Nazi party.
-House Romanov. The old leader of the Russian Empire and while many died during the revolution some survived. In 1936 the family was lead by Vladimir KirillovitÅ¡ Romanov and as one can expect, he doesn’t like Soviets running rampant in Russia.
-House Bernadotte. The current ruling family of Sweden and in game you will be able to invite Carl Wilhelm Ludvig, the second son of the Swedish king. With him in charge the relationship between Finland and Sweden becomes closer.
1.3.1 Hotfix bug fix
(Full list of changes can be found in the change notes on top of the page )

Future updates

More custom pictures for ideas, focuses and events
More events for historical accuracy, capturing certain cities or completing certain focuses
Debuffs for the start that can be removed with focuses or events
Additional focuses

Version history

1.0 Launch.
1.1 Graphical and historical update
1.2 Balance update
1.21 Bug fixes
1.3 Monarchy Tree