Australia – The Great Southern Land

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Author: mudcant

Last revision: 28 Oct, 2017 at 13:16 UTC

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This mod:
-Corrects the states of Australia. Western Australia is no longer a tiny blip, but the vast mass she is in real life. The ACT has also been added, whilst Central Australia has been removed.
-Increases the build limit within these states. You can no develop Australia to a significant extent – provided you have the industrial capacity.
-Increases Australia’s resources in game, to better relfect the nation’s resource abundance in reality. Specifically, this mod adds significant amounts of steel to Western Australia, as well as smaller amounts of Aluminium, Oil and Rubber across the rest of the country.
-Removes the flavour names of Fascist, Neutral and Communist Australia
-Replaces the Australian Flag with the Southern Cross Flag (for all ideologies, including Democratic Australia)
-Adds Joseph Lyon as the Prime Minister of Australia in 1936

Future Plans:
-Rework the National Focus Tree