What if John Cena won WWI?

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Author: Turk_Buster

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this mod is a joke that turmed into this mod. theres a focus tree for the cenation and i (probably wont) add more soon. probably to mexico, washington, commie usa, and maybe a new special nation will be added. have fun

LORE ___________________________________________________________________________

1914 – serb nationalists shoot FF and the same♥♥♥♥♥♥happens up until 1916
1916 june 21st – John cena becomes flordia governor, and joins the CPs
1916 july 2nd – John cena secures florida and established a cenation militia and USA joins entente
1916 july 16th – Mexico gets the Cenaman telegram and accepts invading usa, under condition cena would Z U C C mexican president cuz he gay
1916 september 20th – trench warfare commences in georgia and alabama, and mexico goes to war
1916 october 10th – mexico occupies San Diego while americans make gains in eastern mexico/texas
1917 march 1st – mexico secures california while american forces near mexico city, cenation and american casualites mount in georgia and alabama, which cena gaining an upper hand with his "car" technology
1917 april 15th – Mexico uses "cars" from cenation to encircle american forces in mexico city after it falling 1 day earler, just like stalingrad.
1917 april 30th – american casualties excede 1 million and protests force the nation to surrender.
1917 may 14th – cena lands in bermuda and british carribean, whist celtic anit-brit sentiment rises in scotland, ireland, and cornwall
1917 may 20th – berlin falls and germany capitulates, while russia is in a deadly revolt from Papa stalin and lenin’s crew.
1917 may 30th – netherlands enters war in exchange for north rhineland, and lets the entente use indonesia, and dutch carribean for bases
1917 june 12th – the treay of berlin gives the dutch north rhine, france moselle and luxembourg, and gives poland danzig, warsawa, etc.
1917 june 30th – celtia, a new nation rebelled from britain and french brittany, give cena their western bases to help their independence and to knock UK and FR outta the war
1917 july 10th – Trench warfare initiates in brittany, cornwall, wales, and scotland, forcing a stalemate with casualties rising on both sides
1917 august 1st – canada falls and cena enters peace talks with entente whilst russia is forced to become commies
1917 november 11th – the treaty of london is drafted, and agreed upon.


article 1 – cena gets floria, georgia, and alabama along with bases in brittany and ireland
article 2 – mexico gets 1835 borders in exchange for reparations
article 3 – france gets louisiana/texas colony because cena/celtia got brittany
article 4 – celtia gets independence, which inclues east ireland, cornwall, wales, and scotland
article 5 – britain gets american pacific, and canada gets New england, montana, and north dakota
article 6 – columbia gets independence in NW usa
article 7 – the CSA get independent and gets VA, SC, NC, KY, and TN.
article 8 – allies pay cena reparations because of them not getting USA
article 9 – cena gets all land it occupied in british/celt lands.


1918 – The partition of belgium occurs, giving france wallonia and the dutch vlaanderen
1919 – Texans rise up in rebellion from france, and guerella war breaks out in and around texas
1920 – 2nd american civil war breaks out between fascism and communism as the search for a new radical solution for american problems boils over into conflict. This urges the 2 lord of american peace to intervene, becoming the leaders of the 2 sides, trump and obama respectivley.
1923 – 500k americans die in civil war, and the 2 sides make peace to stop bloodshed
1924 – Texas defeats the french in the battle of austin, with a 20k strong force against 100k frenchmen, using a double ambush to encirce a force of 5x their size, the greatest military victory in american history. this earns texas indepence, along with a new sense of nationalism.
1930 – the world stablilises, and americana from all over the US want to reunify with their people, causing mass pro-american sentiment across balkanized america.