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Authors: Nicolas, Darks Bears
Last revision: 6 Jul at 21:25 2018 UTC


This mod was made possible thanks to the new Scripted GUI system created by PDX developer shultays, please check his tutorials on PDX HOI4 forums if you want to add GUI features to your mod.


Recruit Spies: Build Spy Universities to recruit new spies for you on a daily basis (Recruitment capped at 5 per day)

Engage in Covert Warfare: 14 Covert Actions you can perform on other nations, viewable in the diplomacy view of the selected country. (e.g: Sabotage Aviation Radars, Disrupt Military Industry, Sow Political Discontent etc..)

Investigate Foreign Activities on your soil You have the option to try to find out who’s performing such activities on your soil, for a political power cost.

Assign Spies to Local Missions: Assign some of your available spies to local missions, such as increasing war propaganda.

Level Up your Spy Director: Level Up your Director, using Spy XP, to unlock new abilities for your Spies.

Infiltrate a Target of your choice: Infiltrate a nation of your choice to get daily reports on their military and industrial data, viewable in your Agency Headquarters.

Study Enemy Technology: Assign spies to study technology of your Infiltration Target. Once enough Research Points are gained from your target, you can use them to copy Enemy Unit Models for your use.

Arm The Resistance: Arm Resistance in enemy occupied territories and select a target for them to disrupt (infrastructure, radars or airbases)

Upcoming "Operation Eiche" Update

– Major balance changes that susbtantially nerf some actions and make the mod more suitable for MP.
– Addition of Spy Network Strength as a pre-requisite for Covert Operations (works similar to HOI3)
– Addition of the ability to imprison captured spies (since they are becoming a more scarce resource)
– Addition of the ability to negotiate spies release with the country holding them captive, in return for something you offer.
– Adding events and different options/scenarios for covert operations to add more depth, balance and make them more interesting than simply clicking on a button.
– Adding the ability to try to rescue captured spies from an enemy country in an "Operation Eiche" style.


Kaiserreich: Fully compatible with a minor cosmetic inconvenice (Spy Icon appears on top of the opinion GUI, but can be hidden by simply clicking on the details tab below when needed).

Fuhrerreich: Fully compatible with no cosmetic issues.

More updates to come to make it compatible with more big mods.

This mod took me an insane amount of time to finish, please have the courtesy of not copying without permission. Much appreciated!

This mod success depends on YOU. Please provide any feedback you may have especially regarding balance, AI aggressiveness etc…


Coding & Creation: Nicolas
Translation (to be implemented): Kurl Meyer