British Partial Surrender

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Author: Lundgrens Norrland Slim

Last revision: 5 Jun, 2018 at 21:56 UTC

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Have you ever played Germany, capitulated France, and have had to paratroop or naval invade Britain? Of course you have, and its really annoying, right?

Well this mod is here to fix that! After capitulating France, the player has a choice to start peace negotiations with Britain. The demands Germany can give is everything from puppeting, to complete white peace, to annexing the entire French mainland. If Germany is stronger them Britain and there is no point for Britain to fight anymore, they will be more willing to accept more generous demands, but if Germany starts losing, they might be a bit more hesitant.

Future plans for this mod includes,
*Expanding the custom peace negotiations to China vs Japan, Germany vs Soviet, and more of the bigger conflicts
*Making a partial surrender event chain working for every war, so that the same chain can be used for every war so you can end it early.