Soviet Union Expanded Focus Tree

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Authors: Sangre, Lugash
Last revision: 10 Jul at 05:11 2018 UTC


Works in 1.5.3

Руский перевод сделано Kaiser Wilhelm II
Not Ironman/achievement compatible
This mod is not compatible with Road to 56 because it has a custom focus tree for the Soviet Union.
Now works without Waking the Tiger.


The vanilla focus tree for the Soviet Union is well made for those who want to do a communist playthrough. Unfortunately, there are no focuses dedicated to any other ideology. This mod was created to expand on the vanilla tree to add somewhat plausible fascist and democratic options. The tree allows you to reform the Russian Empire or to give up revolutionary marxism in pursuit of a more moderate democratic socialism. The mod also will not interfere with the vanilla game if the Soviet Union is played by an AI, so it should work well in multiplayer and with focus tree mods for other countries.


  • New focus tree branches dedicated to fascist and democratic playthroughs
  • Several new event chains to add flavor
  • Some new decisions to add flavor (more to come)
  • A new country, new country leaders

Future plans:

  • More decisions: political, economic, military
  • More focuses: the current amount could be more expansive
  • Adapting the generals and admirals to make sense for different ideologies, as well as add new generals

Updates Since Release:

  • Event Chain for a democratic election allowing for either Bukharin or Kerensky to be elected
  • New improved portraits
  • New events
  • Fixed mentioned bugs: civil war, japan focus, reform decisions, empty news event
  • Changes: Increased chance that US will cede alaska, streamlined mod for more compatibility

Portraits created by Lugash
Scripting done by Sangre

Recommended Mod: Music of the Russian Empire by Kaiser Wilhelm II

Feedback is greatly appreciated.