Winter Contingency: Warzone Demo

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Winter Contingency: Warzone Demo (Alpha 0.1)

Winter Contingency is an upcoming total conversion mod for Hearts of Iron 4 the plans to recreate The Fall of Reach as depicted in the Halo games and extended universe.

In this early Alpha demo you can try out "Warzone mode" where 2 teams of Spartans, Red Team and Blue Team, duke it out in a variety of game types like King of The Hill, Slayer, Territories and assault, all on a brand new world map that accurately recreates the planet of Reach.

In King of The Hill, you gain 1 point for every day you control the state in which the Hill is located. The Hill’s location is marked in the decisions tab. Every 90 days the hill moves to a new state. First team to 300 points wins!

In Territories, you gain 1 point for every day you control the state in which the a Territory is located with 3 Territories in total available to control. Their locations are marked in the decisions tab. In this mode the Territory locations never change. First team to 600 points wins!

In Assault, once you take control of the enemy’s base, which is marked in the decisions tab, you must take the decision to plant the bomb for your team. Protect it for 90 days and it will detonate, winning you the game!

Highly recommend playing this with Alex3527’s music mod "Halo Reach Radio"

Special Thanks to Kirindar for his Japanese Translation of Winter Contingency

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Team Recruitment

We are always looking for talented testers, coders, artists, translators and more. If you would like to join the team and help create the next version of Winter Contingency, head to our discord and check out the #applications channel for more information.

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