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Author: Jared

Last revision: 13 Feb at 20:13 UTC

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New ways:
Unique War Names:
Allied Construction Projects:
Player Led Peace Conferences:
Coring States:
Improved Spy Slots and Upgrades:
Recall Volunteers:
Rename Factions with keyboard:
Trade Embargo by PlayerHoi:
Universal Colored Puppets:
Spot Optimization Mod:
Conditional Surrender:
Puppet Manager:

Wanna play Hoi4 RP but don’t like rt56, heres your second option, it has more indepth features if you want a more "realistic" game, still love tk and TommatozxzZzzzz. Don’t sue me, I didn’t make any of these mods, this is just a modpack.

Version 1.0 Released
Version 1.1: Balanced operations and occupation laws
– Assassinations take longer and provide a better outcome
– Fixed collab government operation not working
– Made changes to garrison laws
– Made a way to get more compliance through branch upgrades, which some are given additional levels or bonuses
– Fixed certain puppet types not using overlords color
– Changed crime techs to allow more ideologies to harvest prisoners
Version 1.1.1 :
– Updated the defines file, (the peace mod was using an outdated 1.9.1 file)
– Fixed stupid thousands of lines of code racking up due to a texticon
– Fixed Coring system and replaced it with a new one
– Updated for 1.10.4
– Influencing nations with your spies will be easier, and diplomatic influence cap on opinion is now at 50 from 20, along with doubled boosting from ideology, the only downsides is that you are more likely to be caught.
– Additional agency upgrades
– The ability to feel the like an iron chancellor
– Added the conditional surrender mod, removed a couple mods, and added the puppet manager mod
– All nations are allowed to create collaborative governments, but remember, the ai is able to declare independence through the new ways focus tree!
– Added additional government ideas