OWB – Advanced Resource Production 3.1

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Author: luckyjr5

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This mod is the updated version of: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2204099933
All credits goes to the creator all i did was update the mod to the current Old World Blues version and made some changes.
Original Creator: mercurae3
mercurae3 gave me permission to keep the sub mod updated and to upload this sub mod

Paradox Plaza Link: https://mods.paradoxplaza.com/mods/18961/Any

This mod adds the ability to produce Composites, and Advanced Components using buildings just like you can with Water, Energy, and Scrap Metal. It works exactly the same as the other resource production buildings and technologies.

  • Old World Blues Version: 3.1.10
  • Hearts Of Iron 4 Version: 1.10.4

  • Adds constructible Composites, and Advanced Component producing buildings
  • Adds tech tree to unlock and upgrade buildings

Advanced Resource Production 3.1 Changelog:
Version 1.5:
  • You now have to have Settler Exploitation Tech to upgrade to Fiber Reinforcement and Improvisation.
  • You now have to have Scientific Exploitation Tech to upgrade to Polymerization and Luxury Products
Version 1:
  • Removed Circuitry because it got added to the main mod
  • Added a path from Resource Production to Advanced Resource Production.
  • Basic Composites Plant technology and Advanced Components Factory technology now requires Basic Generator technology
  • You now have to be Civilized to upgrade to Fiber Reinforcement and Improvisation.
  • You now have to be Advanced to upgrade to Polymerization and Luxury Products

  • Compatible with sub mods that change the tech tree
  • Compatible with sub mods that change the construction menu/add buildings read (dot 2 under Known Compatibility issues)

Known Compatibility issues:
  • If another sub mod that replaces interfacecountrytechtreeview.gui and overwrites this mod it will cause the Advanced Components and the Composites ROW header not to show in the tech tree this is just a minor visual issue and wont cause any problems.
  • If another sub mod also adds buildings to the game like this one does may cause issues with the icons not appearing, displaying wrong, overlapping.

Current Bugs:
  • After you research Resource Production it will visually show you don’t have it but you will

  • More Upgrades
  • Making the sub mod more compatible with other mods
  • More Balancing


OWB Upgrades for resource buildings 3.1 by misha_archmage – Adds techs to increase resource output

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