[DISCONTINUED] Alternate History – What if Germany loses WW2

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Author: Geobor

Last revision: 8 Sep, 2018 at 02:06 UTC

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I cannot figure out how to get Germany to loose in the latest update without doing a massive change to the game and that was never the point of this mod, and so it had been discontinued.


What is it?

Alternatate History – What if germany loses WW2 is an alternate history mod where germany loses WW2 after nearing victory but ultimately being pushed back on all sides during 1941-1945.


*A unique and specially crafted scenario where the German Reich loses WW2
*Dozens of unique events related to the collapse of the German Reich
*Unique Focus Trees for the main nations responsible for Germany’s collapse
*Much More!

Planned additions:

Nothing more because this mod has been carefully crafted to perfection to the point that nothing needs fixing or adding.


Late 1939 the German Reich invade poland starting WW2 and all the basic WW2 things happen like Germany taking all of europe but things take a turn for the worst when trying to invade the Soviet Union, unlike in real life. Germany was severely lacking oil and fuel after the invasion of most of europe and wasn’t able to trade for it due to the Royal navy sinking trading ships. Adolf Hitler was hoping for Britain to surrender after France did, and didn’t have a good plan if they refused. Desperatly requiring oil, Germany proposed a plan they called "Operation Barbarossa" as a last attempt to refuel their economy. This plan was a plan for the invasion of the Soviet union to secure the oil in the Caucasus. This was proposed because Germany saw the poor performance of the Red Army in the invasion of Finland and expected the same poor performance against themselves. The Soviet Union was also expanding the Red Army rapidly so Germany had to strike as soon as possible. The German fuel reserves could only last ~2-3 months of warfare and so Operation Barbarossa called for the collapse of the Soviet union within 3 months, and if that failed there were no backup plans. The Germans massivly outnumbered the Red Army and attacked in 1941, a time where the Soviet Union was unprepared, causing massive losses. Millions of soviets were killed in massive encirclements by the German Blitzkrieg, untill they were stopped at the doorsteps of Moscow. Germany was running low on oil and so Hitler ordered the southern armies to get to the Caucasus but the generals were ignorant to the logistical side of the war and wanted to strike towards Moscow. By this time the soviet union had rebuilt the Red Army and started to outnumber the German army almost 2 to 1. Stalin Knew he had to preserve the motherland and such ordered order 227, "Not one step back". The Red Army struck back at the now defending Germans and marched back to Berlin while Britain and her allies had invaded from the other side to retake France. The German’s ally, Italy, had switched sides and was now fighting Germany and the Germans, under pressure from all sides, surrendered and the borders of europe were redrawn by the Allies and Stalin.