The Fuehrer’s Fate (Version 1.1)

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Author: Copduke

Last revision: 9 Apr at 02:41 UTC

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The Führer’s Fate is so far only a cosmetic mod, which allows the player to appoint a new Führer through an early death of Hitler.

The choices are:

Hermann Göring – Content will follow
Heinrich Himmler
Joseph Goebbels – Content will follow
Otto Strasser – Content will follow
(More will follow)

More gameplay enhancements (focus trees for Goebbels/Göring, events, etc.) will follow.

(The event will trigger in the first 7 days)

– von Manstein and von Rundstedt now give the correct 20 legitimacy

Version 1.1
– Added focus branch for the Himmler path
– Reworked Himmler portrait

DISCLAIMER: This mod does NOT reflect my political views. I speak out against any kind of political extremism. The mod is only an expansion for the ahistorical gameplay.