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Adds custom game options that let you start the game with any formable nations (except for continents and the world) added in the Formable Nations mod, made by 3rewster and reuploaded by Alexandros and MudTWH. This mod is not standalone, and requires Formable Nations. Most of the formable nations have a regular "Formed" option and a "Maximum" option; the difference between these is that "Formed" is almost always the barebones requirements for forming a given nation, while "Maximum" includes states that are claimed or cored after forming that nation through the original mod’s normal decisions. Other formables have options that let you choose from which country they’re formed, and those include claimed or cored states like normal "Maximum" options.

This will work with or without my earlier vanilla Formable Nations In Setup Options mod, but unlike it, this one doesn’t require any DLCs to make use of every available option. Another big difference is that overlapping formable nations aren’t grouped together, so, for example, you could enable the Alpine Federation, Austria-Hungary, and Greater Austria all at once if you feel like it. Like my original vanilla mod, this one should be compatible with most regular mods as well. I don’t play with total conversion mods like RT56, etc. so those are officially unsupported, but if they turn out to work with this, good for you.

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