Defenders Of The Crown Resurrected

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Author: Fritz™ XII

Last revision: 26 Aug at 22:47 UTC

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Tenth Crusade 2: Electric Boogaloo

A group of religious extremists claiming to be successors to the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon take over Palestine and establish a military junta in preparation of the long awaited Tenth Crusade to rebuild the Crusader States and restore the Kingdom of Heaven.

Defenders Of The Crown Resurrected is a mod that gives a somewhat memeified Templar Order control of Jerusalem.

This mod is a revival of the original Defenders of the Crown mod, which in itself was originally part of a much larger one I was working on that would have added various new joke nations and factions to choose from. Eventually I decided to release it independently as its own thing.

N e w F e a t u r e s

☩Minor bugs fixed.

☩New focuses.

☩New Economic Inflation Idea.

☩New Unit Models.

☩No longer requires DLC to work.

N o t a b l e F e a t u r e s

✠Crusade for Palestine and restore the Kingdom of Jerusalem within the Holy Land.

✠Establish the Principality of Antioch and assist them in pushing north into Turkish lands.

✠Use the Templar General Staff to conquer Outremer.

✠Skirmish against the forces of the United Kingdom using only steel broadswords and salvaged firearms.

✠Commit crimes against God and man or peacefully integrate and convert the population to your cause.

✠Manage the banks of the Templar Order and avoid driving Jerusalem into financial ruin.

✠Face off against the Merchants Guild of Israel or attempt to cooperate with them and avoid civil war.

✠Overpowered Templar Waifus.

✠A life ruining Fulfilling experience.

✠Rename Istanbul to Constantinople.

✠Who needs rocket launchers when you’ve got Greek Fire?

✠Replace tanks with siege towers with guns strapped to them.

✠Burn heretics on pyres to gain political power.

✠Maybe conquer Japan or something?

✠Have the Papacy pay you to invade your neighbors.

✠Establish the Principality of Egypt.

✠Incite a Bavarian Revolt.

C r e d i t s

Me (for making this mod)

Meem 8421 (for assisting with graphical assets and playtests)

Mr. Hunter (playtests)

Kommdore Tremor (playtests)

Tauronss (for creating the "Deus Vult" mod that heavily inspired me to make the original DOTC)

The Defenders of the Crown Discord Population (emotional support, allegedly)


This mod contains content that could be interpreted as Anti Semitic or pro White Supremacy if you’re easily offended or write articles for Kotaku

I neither condone nor condemn the actions of Reynauld and his knights

This mod probably doesn’t represent the views and beliefs of the author

This mod also contains unironic ironic Anime Waifus and Weeaboo nationalists

I am Not a white supremacist

I do Not hate the jews

i do Not approve of beheading people simply because they believe in a different religion

i do Not condone committing mass genocide because your waifu pillow told you to

This mod is satirical….. obviously

Please do Not lynch me for hate speech

If you find any errors with the mod please alert me immediately

Apologies for any typos

Please enjoy

If you would like to fuel my crippling caffeine addiction or show your support for this mod, feel free to do so at this link[]

PS We also have a discord server in case you want to converse with the people behind some of the mod ideas