Netherland Antilles Expanded

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Author: Anyzooka

Last revision: 22 Sep at 21:14 UTC

File size: 2.52 MB

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The Most Ambitious (And only), Netherlands Antilles Overhaul Mod

What is in the mod?

  • A Communist, Democratic, and Fascist path
  • An industrial tree
  • Events, portraits, and many ideas
  • Unique GFX for this mod

GFX made by me, using the ultimate GFX pack, credits below.

Credits for the GFX pack

  1. Many of the templates were designed by Globvs.
  2. The HOI4 GFX Modding Database has provided focus parts, idea parts, minister templates, and flag templates (
  3. ThePinkPanzer has provided focus parts and idea parts.
  4. Gunnar von Pontius has provided smart objects for Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Pacifica has provided a lot of idea icons.
  6. Thanks to That Guy Called Curly for many idea parts.
  7. Deathlinger has made national spirit backgrounds and some focus pieces.
  8. Edouard_Saladier has designed many focus backgrounds and icons.
  9. scarecroww has made some smart objects for focus pieces.
  10. joshyflip has designed smart objects and focus pieces.
  11. Indycyclone77 has provided focus icon pieces.
  12. grestin has provided focus icon pieces.
  13. AtomicSoviet has provided focus icon pieces, courtesy of The New Order.