Better Multiplayer

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Author: Yunus

Last revision: 13 Jun at 20:47 UTC

File size: 33.03 MB

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Version: 1.10.7

This is a bundle of some Ironman & Multiplayer compatible mods that allow the players to play the game smoother and faster. None of them belongs to me. All I did was compiling those mods into a single one in order to make everything easier.

The list of the mods which this bundle contains:
Alternative Air Base Icons |
Alternative Naval Base Icons |
Better Air Wing Deployment |
Colorblindness Mod |
Coloured Air Force (Background) |
Coloured Theater Alert Icons |
Coloured Ship Icons |
No Ambient Sound |
Non Reflective Water |
Opaque Political Map |
Realistic & Immersive Coats of Arms – Uncensored Edition |
Realistic & Immersive Party Names |
-RGFX- White Map Font |
-RGFX- Clean Menu Fonts |
-RGFX- Improved Battle Plans |
Uncensored Event Pictures |
Uncensored Focus Tree Icons |
Uncensored Portraits |