Ponies At Dawn x Equestria at War – Warsongs

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Authors: TexMexTrap Gucci, Equestria At War Team

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      Since its release, Equestria at War has garnered a number of fans, both from within and outside of the pony fandom. In recognition of this fact, we at the Equestria at War Team are proud to present Warsongs. Warsongs is a collaborative effort between the EaW Team and artists from the highly acclaimed Ponies at Dawn project that seeks to introduce some of the best orchestral and ambient music the fandom has to offer to a whole new audience of potential listeners.

+ A brand new and immersive radio GUI
+ Immersive and lore-friendly tracks taken from the Ponies at Dawn libraries.
+ No reliance on Equestria at War, so you can carry a little piece of Equestria with you on your travels throughout the Hearts of Iron multiverse.
+ An ever-expanding library of tracks, delivered in thematically cohesive updates
+ Additional checks added for specific tracks to ensure that weighted shuffle always delivers the right songs at the right times.

Volume 2: "Journey"

Our story starts in the Fire City, dawn. As the peaceful chirping of crickets gives way to a crescendo of excitement that can only be brought about by the thrill of adventure, our heroes rush to meet it head-on. Hurrying through the bustling city with their hearts racing all the while, they gather what they need and set off to sea, ready for whatever comes their way.

Ready for anything, our heroes begin their voyage across the mighty Mare Nostrum. As they make their way ever closer, they sit and discuss what their journey holds for them. At first, there are talks of glory and riches, others of enlightenment. As night falls, one even dares to suggest they may in fact be approaching their very doom. These thoughts are quickly pushed aside, however, as they hear a shout from above. "Land ho!" Whatever the future has in store for them, they know that they will not be facing it alone.      

As our heroes make landfall, they are suddenly captivated by the sight before them. They have found an island, awash in the glow of countless glowing flora. As they make their way through the forest, a sense of serenity overtakes them and they are compelled ever forward. Blind, yet also somehow keenly aware that they are being guided, they opt to push on ahead. As they trot ever onwards, the forest eventually gives way to paved stone. Before they know it, they haze fades and is instead replaced with sheer awe. They have found themselves at the heart of the ancient Starlight Sanctuary. Captivated by the majesty of the countless stars and constellations engraved upon the domed roof of the sanctuary, they find themselves holding greater appreciation for the night and her beauty. As the euphoria brought on by the sight fades, our heroes take a quiet moment to reflect on what they have seen. This does not last but for a moment, however. In the very center of the room, large stone slabs following unseen mechanisms give way, opening up into a large pool of water.

Fascinated by this discovery, the brave adventurers examine this new development. The pool seems to lead out into the ocean, with numerous glowing stones lining the chasm downward, illuminating the way forward. Donning protective equipment, our heroes descend into the deep, gliding along through the currents running beneath the island via a myriad of cave systems. As above, they take in the picturesque views laid out before them. This is not to last, however, as the group’s leader silently motions to the others towards something. Following his gestures, their collective gaze drifts towards a large pearl lying before them. As they approach, they take in its beauty, it is absolutely awe inspiring. Nearing it, the leader quickly rushes forwards to grab it. Just as quickly as he makes contact with it, the numerous stones are snuffed out, bathing them in complete darkness, save for the pearl’s cool glow.

In this near perfect darkness our heroes find themselves unable to move, their journey now being decided by the whims of the currents. As they are taken deeper and deeper into the sprawling cave systems at ever increasing speeds, fantastic lightshows of blues and purples begin to manifest before their eyes. The pearl, still clutched in their leader’s hooves, reflects many of these as the group continue their journey through an infinite dreamscape of colors, only adding to the effect. Almost as quickly as it began, their journey through the tunnel concludes as the current feeds them into a vast central cavern. At the center lies a most breathtaking sight. What resembles a large lotus flower blooms with color and light. As they approach, its petals fan out to reveal a large pedestal situated in the center. Sensing what must be done, the leader swims forward and gently places the pearl upon it. As he does so, the flower blooms ever brighter and before long, it gives them its gratitude.

From seemingly nowhere, colors once more manifest, forming themselves into visions of their journey. From the very caves that led them to the lotus, to the crisscross of caverns where they found the pearl. From the majesty of the lunar sanctuary to the vast open seas, and finally, on to their home. As our heroes reflect on their journey, they develop an appreciation for everything they had been shown along the way. As their thoughts turn towards home, they realize what the lotus had led them there for. It was to show them the thrill of adventure, the beauty of the world, and most importantly, that home is where the heart is. Their thirst for adventure sated, the group pays their thanks to the lotus before being whisked back to the surface to begin the voyage home.

      Below you can find a list of every artist featured on Warsongs, as well as links to their relative website or social media account. If you like any of the tracks featured, be sure to drop by and show them your support. It’s their hard work that makes Warsongs possible.

Michael Picher [www.michaelpichermusic.com]
Wandering Artist
Frozen Night
Ethan Toavs [www.ethantoavsmusic.com] His Youtube Channel

      Lastly, we’d like to issue a very special "thank you!" to the Ponies at Dawn [poniesatdawn.bandcamp.com] team as well as the artists themselves for allowing us to bring this project to life in the spirit of cooperation.

"Mare Nostrum" © Ethan Toavs Music 2021. All Rights Reserved.