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Author: rat à la mode

Last revision: 30 Dec, 2021 at 16:48 UTC

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Welcome to TWR: Flavor Mod Reloaded
More Game Rules, More Flavor, More… Stuff

The original TWR: Flavor Mod has been long outdated for months, so I have decided to make a successor of sorts. Suggestions are welcome in the comments. I personally really enjoy TWR, so I will keep this pretty up-to-date.

Included Mods
+ Player-Led Peace Conferences
– We both know HOI4 is ♥♥♥♥ without this.

+ Peace Deals
– Use responsibly. Mainly for roleplaying; the same goes for Demand It! uses

+ Nuclear Aesthetical Overhaul (NAO)

+ Random Flavor Events
– Integration WIP; some events will be missing

+ Better Sounds

+ Realistic Nukes 1.10
– Three nukes on the capital region for a forced capitulation

+ Demand It!
– Use this responsibly

+ Recall Volunteers

+ Realistic Nukes
– Realistic nuke damages and division annihilation

+ Unique War Names
– Renovated to fit Thousand Week Reich

+ Embargo Mod

+ Write Letter V3

+ Sensible Theatre Icons

+ State Transfer Tool MP
– CTRL+H to collapse the tool

+ 1 XP Designer + Spot Optimizations
– Spot Optimization Mod fixed to work with "Barbarossa" update

+ HOI4 – Texture Overhaul – Citylights

+ More Division Icons

Misc Changes List
+ A brand new Aryan Empire flag. Aryan Empire now guaranteed for Himmler route.

+ Miscellaneous portrait changes, primarily ported over from the original TWR: Flavor Mod.
– Kishi, Hirohito, Franco, and Himmler are a few to name

If you wanna reach out, just leave a comment before you add me so I know you’re not some spam bot.

Suggestions can be left below. If you spot any issues, please let me know as well (don’t bark at me though, I’m not a code slave and I’m just doing this for fun).

Required items:

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