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Author: AleksBoi.

Last revision: 30 Dec, 2021 at 13:54 UTC

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Welcome to the apocalypse soldier!

Current _infection version: v1.02
Current HOI4 version supported: v1.11.4

If there are any issues, leave a comment. I’ll try to smooth it out.

_infection is an up to date version of Updated Zombie / Infection Mod created by user plastic frog cheerful all credit and work is his as far as I’m aware. I only updated what needed to be updated for NSB patch as I wanted to play it but most nation’s advisors legally ceased to exist after NSB when force loading this mod. More than likely I messed a bit or two up. Link to original mod :

  • _choice you decide between the zombie outbreak happening sometime soon™ or having 1-3 years to prepare.
  • _events there are a couple of new in-game events that will inform you of the infection as it develops.
  • _RNG zombies will spawn at random coastal locations on the map after capturing their first Port via merchant ship events.
  • _unity it’s your choice whether major factions will unite under one banner to fend off the undead fiends or have them follow their own historical or ahistorical warmongering paths, just to be slapped right in the face with the reality of the situation once it develops.
  • _zom tag over to "zom" to play as the zombie horde after it spawns, keep in mind it’s pretty under developed with 13 available focuses and few generals and won’t pull your ass off with available content. You’ll have more fun attempting to hold the tide.
  • _modifiers if somehow you managed to crack the meta for this mod, do not hesitate to increase the zombie horde’s modifiers in "Custom Game Rules".

  • Addressing any balance issues (Although making Zombies imba op seems pretty plausible)
  • Completely re-working the outbreak mechanics and splitting the zombie faction into several hordes (to allow for initial outbreak in other continents), human nations will be given decisions to curb the initial outbreak before it begins (via quarantining infected cities and areas), however once the outbreak begins the zombie horde or hordes will work on completing their focus tree, which progression of will strengthen the zombies, making it crucial to crush as many initial outbreak locations before they become too strong, completion of the zombie focus tree will spell eternal doom for mankind . However Human factions will be given tools and decisions to fend off and delay the hordes.
  • Since I lack talent I may be able to yoink some old and forbidden workshop assets to make zombies look more like, well… Zombies.

plastic frog cheerful: Original mod creator and a true hero of the Soviet Union.
Alan Cabrera: The Artist behind "Fort Vaux 1881" that I yoinked to use as a Main Menu background for the mod.



  • Added a main menu background.
  • Added an icon to "Ravenous with Hunger" national spirit and renamed it to "Endless Thrist".
  • Added description to "Endless Thirst" national spirit.


  • Re-balanced the "Endless Thrist" national spirit, it should now give the Zombie Horde less combat modifiers but give them access to a sheet ton more manpower in return.
  • Zombies are weaker with heavily decreased organization and general strength, however they now re-organize a lot faster and will launch continuous attacks, preventing your men from re-organizing themselves until they break your lines.
  • Zombie division no longer take lower manpower losses than Human Divisions especially when attacking.
  • Zombie battalions have new terrain modifiers, they should perform a lot better in terrains where soldier’s visibility, situational awareness are lower and where they are confined in tighter spaces i.e Forests and Cities, however they will perform poorer in combat in both difficult and simple terrains like Mountains and Plains respectively.
  • Decreased Zombie battalion supply consumption from 0.01 to 0.001. (Good luck xd)

  • Brought the mod up to speed, to be compatible with HOI4 ver. 1.11.4
  • Increased max. outbreak preparation time from 2 to 3 years.
  • Dramatically decreased supply consumption for "zombie" battalions.
  • Increased "zombie" battalion attack modifier in urban areas from 10% to 50%.

Known Issues
  • Playing as the zombie horde, some events don’t have proper description.
  • NATO counter symbol for zombies is blank.
  • It’s impossible to back out into main menu from nation selection screen.
  • Zombie merchant ship events spawn a force too small to be a threat, unless AI is caught with it’s pants down (looking at you UK with 3 divisions in garrison), and it’s outside their cores disallowing them to deploy units overseas. An issue soon to be addressed.