Coloured Interface Compact

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Author: Wiedrock

Last revision: 27 May at 20:05 UTC

File size: 2.14 MB

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This mod is a "ALL in ONE" of my "Coloured Interface" mods. IRONMAN
For Ironman Version without CV-Plane Counters see Coloured Interface Compact Ironman.

The colour scheme used for planes and ships tries to give colours some sence. It combines similar duties with same colours across branches, see colour scheme pic.

Mods included:

If you prefer separate mods you can also use the Coloured Interface Collection.

What has been changed:


    • colourized all plane counters
    • added plane counters for carrier based planes (CV-/CAS/FIG/NAV)
    • colourized all plane/aerial missions (mission bar, on map, in several windows)
    • colourized all plane icons in naval contexts
    • colourized all plane text icons
    • added text icons for rocket interceptor, scout planes, carrier based planes (CV-/CAS/FIG/NAV)


    • colourized all ship counters
    • colourized all ship/naval missions (mission bar, on map, in several windows, counters)
    • colourized all ship icons in aerial contexts (carrier mini logos for CV-planes)
    • colourized all ship text icons
    • adjusted the reserve fleet icon to be the same everywhere
    • adjusted the fleet in "training" icon to be the same everywhere
    • adjusted the colour of the naval combat result logos to be more saturated like traffic lights (red, yellow, green)
    • created two new logos for naval battles and replaced the vanilla ones

    Map Mode

    • colourized all big map mode buttons
    • colourized all small map mode buttons
    • colourized all toggle map mode buttons and added a red "X" for deactivated toggles


    • colourized topbar buttons top-right
    • colourized map mode buttons bottom-right
    • colourized intel ledger tab icons
    • colourized "stars of the branches" (officer corp window)
    • colourized theorist logos (helmet, anchor, plane)

    Intel Ledger Fix

    • fixed a bug which caused the plane overview to be wrong
      …included this FIX to fully enjoy the coloured plane logos

Search for "wied" in the edited vanilla files to see which lines have been changed.
For some reason the SHBB logos are not beeing used ingame although they are part of vanilla game files.