Red Flood Austrian Ultranationalists Submod (DISCONTINUED)

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Author: Dj Sam3 Tun3

Last revision: 3 Sep, 2021 at 15:33 UTC

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This is a submod for Red Flood and will not work without it. All credit for the original mod goes to the team who made it, I just made a submod mainly for myself, but decided to share it with you guys.

So, what does this submod do?

It focuses on the Ultranationalist branch for Austria, adding more flavour to it in form of events, national spirits and effects to focuses. The biggest change so far are the effects of the "Something Greater" focus, so that if you own Brandenburg whem you complete it, not only you change from Austria to Germany, you gain cores on the entirety of Germany including Luxembourg, northern Holstein and Alsace Lothringen. You also Gain all German generals, annex Prussia and gain their Generals, get starting naval tech and gain some good national spirits. There is also an event, that will fire once you’ve completed this focus, adding some flavour to your victory, and killing off those German generals who don’t have the "Former Imperial" trait. I also tweaked country colors and names for Austria so they make a bit more sense (at least to me).

Update: "Glorious Victory" Focus now allows the formation of Reichskommissariats.

Update: 4 more flavour events for diffirent focuses of the Ultranationalist branch, 2 of them for Accelerationist focuses.

"Lebensraum" Update: More late game content.

Upon annexing Belarus, Ukraine, european parts of Russia and Caucasus you will recieve heavy debuffs, that will heavily damage your ecomomy, and slowly drain stability and war support. To clear the debuffs, you can either simply release these countries as puppets, or create Reichskommissariats. When that happens, your debuffs will be replaced with diffirent, less crippling ones. Occupation of such large territory even through reichskommissariats will heavily strain your economy, and less people will be willing to join the army.

One more point: This was made mainly for Rohm playthrough, but I tried to write the events vauge enough, so they should work for Dollfuss as well. (They still may not make any sense for Dollfuss)

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