Outer Limits Variants Upgrade

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Outer Limits Variants Upgrade

Short Description
  • add variants upgrades for Infantry Equipment, Support Equipment, Artillery, Truck, Amphibious Tractor, Armored Train, Railway Gun, Convoy and Transport Plane up to 25 levels
  • higher variants upgrades for all Tanks, Ships, Planes and Equipment from 5 up to 25 levels
  • each level gives a 2% bonus, so the maximum bonus to the base value is 50% at level 25.
  • adjusted cost of army, air and naval XP to upgrade a piece of equipment one level is “ 1 + ( total levels * 1 ) ”. So upgrading from 0 to 1 costs 1 XP, upgrading from 1 to 2 cost 2 XP, ….., upgrading from 24 to 25 costs 25 XP. In summary upgrading from 0 to 25 costs 325 XP.

  • Compatible with: 1.13.*
  • NOT Ironman compatible!
  • NOT compatible with other mods which modify "commonunitsequipment" or "commonunitsequipmentupgrades" or "interfaceequipmentupgradedesignerwindow.gui"
  • Supported Languages: English / German / French / Spanish /Portuguese / Polish / Russian / Japanese / Chinese
  • Patch notes: LINK

Detailed Description
Automotive, Infantry & Artillery
  • you can upgrade Infantry Equipment, Support Equipment, Artillery, Rocket Artillery, Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Armored Car, Truck, Mechanized, Amphibious Tractor, Motorized Rocket Artillery, Armored Train and Railway Gun up to 25 levels
  • with No Step Back expansion (NSB) you use tank designer to upgrade tanks
  • without No Step Back expansion (NSB) you can upgrade all Tanks, Tank Destroyer, SP Artillery and SP Anti-Air up to 25 levels
  • with Man the Guns expansion (MTG) you use ship designer to upgrade ships, but you can upgrade Convoys with this mod
  • without Man the Guns expansion (MTG) you can upgrade all Carriers, Super Heavy Battleships, Battleships, Battle Cruiser, Heavy Cruiser, Light Cruiser, Destroyer, Submarines and Convoys up to 25 levels
  • with By Blood Alone expansion (BBA) you use aircraft designer to upgrade planes, but you can upgrade Transport Planes with this mod
  • without By Blood Alone (BBA) you can upgrade all Fighter, Close Air Support, Naval Bomber, Heavy Fighter, Tactical Bomber, Strategic Bomber and Transport Planes with this mod up to 25 levels