OWB: Montana’s Mother

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Author: Starlancer

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While the ending to the Colonel’s path in OWB for MacArthur makes sense from the standpoint of the story they’re looking to tell, I find the Colonel as a character far too fascinating to die off.

Current Features:
-Changes the event to not kill off the Colonel, allowing you to continue playing on her path if you so choose.
-Re-enables the "Rebuild Havre" focus and changes the effects to actually matter

A full focus tree expansion after the Colonels Triumph, including:
-Create a proper government, while enshrining military powers
-Expand extraction operations to fulfill Chicago’s demands
-Develop Montana into a beacon of American prosperity
-Use Balance of Power to rework whether the Colonel lives or dies
-Much more!

Please don’t hesitate to give feedback, this is my first foray into HoI4 modding!

Required items:

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