OP Austria

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Author: CrypticCod3r

Last revision: 16 Sep, 2022 at 13:45 UTC

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Austria is now over-powered and nothing can stop it from taking over the world!


Austria starts with new OP Austria National Spirit which grants INSANE national buffs.

Austria also starts with all technology & military doctrines and 1000 of each resource in the state of Lower Austria.

Austria now has its own unique version of the generic focus tree, in which their bonuses are OP and they can complete each focus in a day.


If this mod is not working properly or giving you a red triangle (missing descriptor file) in the Paradox launcher:
1. In the All installed mods section of the Paradox launcher, make sure to refresh your mods SEVERAL times by clicking the reload circle on the top right of the menu.
2. Try to use my Paradox version[mods.paradoxplaza.com] of the mod instead.