Puppets Won’t Call to Arms

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Author: andseanfor

Last revision: 28 May, 2020 at 20:13 UTC

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This mod prevents AI puppets from calling your allies to war without your permission. Now you can attack the enemy from your puppet’s territory without them inviting your allies to steal your land. Only the following puppet types will be allowed to call your allies to war: dominions, satellites, and supervised states. I allowed these puppets to call allies to arms because they are reasonably independent so it makes sense that they could invite allies. Every other puppet will have a massive AI modifier preventing them from calling your allies to war.

Also, this mod gives a huge debuff to autonomy gain (-90%) for collaboration governments, meaning they are much less likely to become an integrated puppet.

This mod should be compatible with pretty much everything short of a total overhaul (unless the mod in question also changes how puppets work).