Ataturk will not die

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Author: Novakk

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TR: Normalde Atat├╝rk’├╝ ├Âl├╝mden kurtarman─▒n geciktirmek d─▒┼č─▒nda bir yolu yok. Bu Mod Atat├╝rk’├╝n hastal─▒k eventini etkileyerek ├Âlmesini kal─▒c─▒ olarak de─či┼čtirmemizi sa─čl─▒yor. Fakat dengeleme ama├žl─▒ -%10 Stability ve ├žok fazla political powers gerektiriyor. ├ťlke mi Atat├╝rk’├╝n sa─čl─▒─č─▒ m─▒? Se├žim sizin.

EN: Normally, there is no way to save Ataturk from death. This Mod allows us to permanently change Ataturk’s death by affecting his illness event. But it requires -10% Stability for balancing and a lot of political powers. Turkey or Ataturk’s health? The choice is yours.

NOT Ironman Compatible

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Hearts of Iron IV: Battle for the Bosporus