Total Devastation – "Angels of Death" Update!

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Author: Thib

Last revision: 30 Apr at 16:52 UTC

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I am now become Death, the Destroyer of worlds

If you felt like there wasn’t enough destruction in HOI4, you’re at the right place.
If you like balance… eh, not so much.

This mod aims to make war even more devastating. Let there be nothing but smoking ruins in your path. Bombers are litteral angels of death. Nukes feel like a second sun dropping on you. Your high command developped new horryfying doctrines. And there’s more to come.

What it does so far (details in the change notes):

v 0.2.1: Angels of Death

– Bombers have received a massive Strat Bombing buff: their modules’ SB stat got tripled. You heard me. Tripled.
– Port strike is now way stronger than before. It felt kinda underwhelming (to me at least). Now, when you carpet bomb a port, there’s actual damage done.
– Nukes. Oh god, the nukes. They can now one shot divisions. Because screw the ennemy divisions. If you drop a nuke on a province filled to the brim with ennemy troops, you expect some results. Now you get them.
– War support penalties from bombing have been increased. Because getting bombed into oblivion sucks I guess.
– A new land doctrine: "Total Devastation". Not gonna lie, it’s overpowered. But who cares? You get to blow stuff up like never before!
– A new air doctrine: "Blotting out the Sky". I actually tried to keep it "balanced". Or at least, not overpowered. A mix of Strategic Destruction and Battlefield Support.

What’s next:

Graphical improvements and an experiment

– Graphic effects: Because when you blow stuff up, you want to see it. Since I’m no artist, it’ll most likely be an increase in intensity and frequency of animations. [WIP]
– A decision system to cause even more chaos and destruction in your path. I want it to be dynamic, depend on your choice of doctrine branches, frontline, army and airforce composition, so I have no idea how long it’ll take to make and if it’ll even work as I intend it to. [WIP]
– Later down the line, I also plan on adding a few new techs and units. Then, I’ll be able to work on compatibility issues.

If you have any suggestion or advice, I’m all for it. If you’re an artist and want to help make some custom icons and/or unit models in the future, feel free to add me!
Don’t forget to report any bug you encounter.

Anyway, that’s all for now, have fun!

– Thib

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