Economy and Military Overhaul-Modpack

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Author: LLucky501

Last revision: 19 May at 20:54 UTC

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This is a modpack containing 20 mods designed to make a more varied realistic and rewarding Hoi4 Experience by overhauling the Economics, Production, AI, and many other features to make more interesting gameplay. *I do not take credit for the creation of any mods listed and am only responsible for the compilation and small edits to make these mods work together*

There are too many features to list (for a comprehensive description check out the listed mods) but a brief overview is — that the construction of factories is made significantly harder by upping costs and reducing construction speed to encourage factory conversion rather than only building mils
There is a war exhaustion mechanic from the very mod with the name to add realism.
Military factory output is doubled to compensate for decreased factory count, Wheat/Food and Coal are added for focus on the resource side of WW2.
Rebellions are made easier to encourage better garrison attention.
Armed rebellions are possible as puppets.
Mid war peace deals are now possible.
There is a battalion limiter for the AI and player to keep division counts from skyrocketing.
Improved AI in war.
Non-Aligned reworks to allow easier gameplay
Multiple quality of life features like extended map modes and properly colored puppets.
Economic Law and Conscription law overhaul
Reworked Casualty system that actually counts deaths towards population numbers for your country

Vanilla for now as Kaisereich and Greatwar Redux don’t seem to be compatable with this mod despite the majoirty of the mods individually being compatible with these mods. But as per my testing these larger mods just crash with this mod added. You may experiment at your own risk.

Construction speed -50%- AenesXI
Better Non-Aligned- SwordOfWrynn
Economy/Conscription Overhaul- Izonwreda
Balanced Buildup- Grarezz
Harsher Resistance Modifiers- Jared
Better Mechanics : Production,Better Mechanics : Battalion Limiter,Better Mechanics : Frontline AI | Updated,Better Mechanics : Divisional,Better Mechanics : Resource Wars,Better Mechanics : State Categories,Better Mechanics : War Exhaustion- AI-Amine Alkaline
Map Modes+- LimonenZitrone
Puppet Independence Wars- YellowKnight
Coloured Theater Alert Icons- Lanyakea
Universal Colored Puppets- Fquard
Peace Deals- Dziurkacz
Non Reflective Water- wildw1ng
Realistic Damage and Civilian Evacuation- Jeremiah12198