World War 3

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Author: PreciousPig

Last revision: 6 Jun at 08:00 UTC

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A Third World War Scenario where Russia, China and their Allies will fight NATO and America’s Allies.

The Mod adds 2024 borders and makes countries as strong as they are in 2024 in terms of armies, factories, and population.

The mod still starts in 1936 and with WW2 technology, I created this purely because I wanted to play a WW3 setting in WW2.

Please note that this mod is not an in depth simulation of a realistic World War 3, it does not add deep lore, new focus trees or research.

Update 1:
– Renamed factions to "NATO+" and "Shanghai Pact"
– Fixed USA leader portrait not showing
– Reduced starting armies of european NATO countries to be closer to actual 2024 army sizes.
– Gave China more starting division designs
– Gave China and Japan more building slots
– Fixed Flags for Russia and China
– Renamed "Communist China" to "People’s Republic of China"