50 Guarantee Independence Cost

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Author: AeneasXI

Last revision: 15 Jun, 2020 at 13:32 UTC

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This mod was requested so here it is! The AI tends to spam out Guarantee Independence on every country you justify war on because its so cheap which can be very annoying!

This Mod aims to Rebalance Guarantees while not completely removing the ability for nations to give them out!

-I increased the Political Power Cost for the "Guarantee Independence" diplomatic action to 50 PP instead of 25 PP.
-Every active Guarantee increases the cost by 50!
-0 active Guarantees = 50 Political Power Cost to give out the first Guarantee.
-1 active Guarantee = 100 PP for the second.
-2 active Guarantees = 150 PP for the third Guarantee and so on.
-This will make it harder for nations to spam Guarantee Independence on everyone!
-All Nations and AI will be affected by this!
-Save-Game Compatible! You do not need to start a new Game!
-I created a unique .lua file so it is compatible with all Mods that do not change this one Command!
-compatibility with RT56 confirmed.

Full Changelog:
-NDiplomacy.GUARANTEE_COST = 50 (from originally 25)

For a 100 PP Version please see here:
"100 Guarantee Independence Cost"

Feel free to integrate the code into your own Mods as you see fit!

Take Care and Have Fun!