Magna Europa : Reloaded – Dynamic Renaming States

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At the moment the mod is being developed, therefore to be up-to-date with the content, it’d be reccomended to check the rename list here. For now new automatic renames are availiable for:

– Belgium (German)

– France (German
(bordering regions of Picardy, Champagne, Burgundy and Lionnais) )

– Switzerland
(German, French, Italian, Romansh (Republic of the Grisons) )

– Poland
(German, Kashubian (in the historical Kashubian states), latinised Ukrainian (cores & bordering Polish regions),
Belorussian (cores & bordering Polish regions), Lithuanian (cores & claims & Byalystok and Western Belarus),
Russian (all states annexed after the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact)

– Czechia
(German, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian)

– Slovakia
(German, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian)

– Hungary
(German, Czech, Slovak, Romanian)

– Romania
(German, Hungarian, Bulgarian (Wallachia and Dobrudja), Russian / Ukrainian (historic Moldova))

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