Novum Vexillum: Global Conflict

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Author: Wolfxe

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This is a submod for Novum Vexillum, it’s aim is to port as many outdated but brilliant Millennium Dawn submods. I have also taken the care to fix all the trees/events and re-balance them. There may still be some errors as I started on over 6k when I started the project and now it’s under 80. The ultimate aim would be to make as many quality focus trees as possible while also adding more depth for some countries in the form of events or technology names.
A number of the mods that were used had great edits to the map however to keep compatibility and future proof this submod I have decided to use the standard Novum Vexillum map.

Focus Trees
  • Israel
  • North Korea
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Syria (WIP)

Greater Depth For
  • Singapore
  • Malayia
  • Indonesia
  • Chechnya
  • China
  • UK (Military divisions)
  • Taiwan

  • American Civil war (WIP)
  • Large expansion of equipment designers.

Millennium Dawn: Fires of War Overhaul for the american civil war, israel tree with plenty of events and the majority of the other focus trees.

0Millenium Dawn: Defense Contractors and a bit of ASEAN: adds the equipment designers and more depth for some asean countries. Plenty of lovely graphics are also added.

Millennium Dawn: Expanded: A mod by roemer9. For greater depth in Russia, Chechnya, China and Taiwan

Millennium Dawn: India: A mod by Orphanmaker. Very indepth focus tree and other goodies for India

Commando 115 for assisting in an Easter egg

Further Information

If you want to track my progress here’s my public Trello:
Suggestions for balance in comments is also welcome, I do intend to vary from realism a bit to make some countries more interesting.

Required items:

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