Novum Vexillum Global Conflict

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Authors: Wolfxe, jdude22, LenC, Wayfear, Ran Mitake

Last revision: 26 Jun at 18:12 UTC (11)

File size: 473.77 MB

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Requires Novum Vexillum to run, this is a submod and not standalone.


This is a submod for Novum Vexillum, its aim is to port outdated Millennium Dawn Submods to Novum Vexillum and continue their support.
The submod is aiming for fun and a strong casual experience without the slow economics that is in Millennium Dawn. This submod hopes to slowly get focus trees for all nations and redo the tech tree to be both more realistic and more engaging. There is plenty of added depth to countries not mentioned below.


Focus Trees
  • Israel
  • North Korea
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • USA
  • Germany
  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Generic Asian Focus Tree
  • Syria (WIP)
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • UK
  • Greenland
  • Switzerland
  • Latvia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Sweden
  • New Generic


Main Mod Team:
Wolfxe – Mod Lead
Wayfear – Assistant Lead
Jdude22 – Assistant Lead
Ran Mitake – Asian Nation Lead
LenC – Mr. Worldwide 🌎😎 Focus Tree Lead
efekto – Joint Polish Nation Lead
GenHenry – Brazil Nation Lead
Steiner – UK Nation Lead
Tofu – China Nation Lead
Fishpilot – Joint Polish Nation Lead
Poppy – German Nation Lead
Alexand – Communist Russia Nation Lead
Two Sun VII – Taiwan Nation Lead
Allego – Anime Submod Lead

Advisors and Volunteers
E.Wolfe – Unbelievably Helpful
Commando 115 – Naval
Tyguy9112 – Poland Political

Millennium Dawn: Fires of War Overhaul for the american civil war, israel tree with plenty of events and the majority of the other focus trees.

0Millenium Dawn: Defense Contractors and a bit of ASEAN: adds the equipment designers and more depth for some asean countries. Plenty of lovely graphics are also added.

Millennium Dawn: Expanded: A mod by roemer9. For greater depth in Russia, Syria, Chechnya, China and Taiwan

Millennium Dawn: India: A mod by Orphanmaker. Very indepth focus tree and other goodies for India

Millennium Dawn New National Focuses 1.1 A mod by Alexand. This mod is used for just the russian national focuses at the minute however it contains German and Chinese ones which maybe used later in the project.

Millennium Dawn: Expanded American Ideology Tree A mod by Anthrax. This mod redoes the American NFs to make it by far the largest and most expansive tree in this mod.

Millennium Dawn: The Reich Strikes Back A mod by Helicopter Pinochet. This mod redoes the German national focus tree.

Millenium Dawn: Brazil Overhaul A mod by caesarfurius47. This mod redoes the Brazil’s national focus tree.

Millenium Dawn Spain Focus Tree A mod by Gabriel Florian Feraud. This mod redoes the Spains national focus tree.

Burma, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia A mod by WefailTheRodinaWeFailOurself the original mod is gone from the workshop and I got the files off some russian website after getting permission from the owner

Denmark and Greenland A mod by Christmas Island used for Danish national focus tree.