Historical Immersion Event Pack

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Author: CSRZ

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Updated for 1.10 patch (full release)

– the mod changes two vanilla files – it modifies the Turkish and the Bulgarian focus tree to block the AI from joining the Allies/Axis too early in the game – if you use another mod that modifies the Turkish or Bulgarian tree it may overwrite this one

Pack of historical events that were mostly cut or completely omitted from the newest Hearts of Iron game. Intended to be used with "historical focus" on (now it works with historical focus off too – so if you want to see weird stuff like fascist Iran, communist Siam, fascist Ethiopia etc. go ahead).

– Sign the United Nations Declaration as the United States and the United Kingdom and bring almost the entire world to fight the Nazi Germany
– Launch allied diplomatic offensives in America and Asia and bring countries like Cuba, Brazil and Nepal into the war.
– Start the Continuation War as Finland.
– Start the rebellion against the British rule as Iraq.
– Invade Iran as the British and the Soviets.
– Historically divide the Balkans between your allies as the Axis leader, depending on who joined the Axis.
– Purge your political enemies as Siam.
– Start the Platinean War in South America by making Argentina a fascist nation (blocked for AI – human player only feature).
– Sway the entire Europe to join the Axis after the conquest of the Soviet Union as Germany.
– Decide to break neutrality as Portugal and join the Axis or the Allies after Spain joins the Axis.
– Enlarge Co-Prosperity Sphere as Japan depending on your conquests in Asia.
– reworked peace treaties to prevent border gore
– Pearl Harbor events
– …and many many more and all of it achieved via events! No focus trees! No decisions! Just events!

– over 100 new events with new event pictures
– many bug fixes to vanilla hoi4 events
– overhauled German-Soviet and Sino-Japanese wars to last much longer than before (done via custom ideas fired by events depending on what is happening on the eastern front and in China)
– AI minors no longer do nothing for the entire game (almost every nation got an event that allows it to break neutrality depending on what is happening in the world – yes, there is even one for Bhutan)
– Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands and Romania won’t join the war prematurely and instead will join the war at historical dates
– English, Russian and German localisation

AI will use these events to produce much more believable World War II – examples:
– Japan will attack the Soviet Union when it’s on the verge of losing against Germany and won’t let the Germans take Vladivostok and Mongolia,
– The Soviet Union will release friendly communist Korea and return provinces to Communist China if it conquers Manchuria
– anti-border gore events for AI Germany and AI Soviet Union,
– and many more…

Known issues:
– It tends to not work with non-ironman mods changing the map (especially the ones adding or editing provinces). Nothing I can do about that.
– Sino-Japanese war can still end very quickly in a very rare case where Japan pockets Nanjing, but doesn’t take it for the entirety of the war
– Luxembourg can be invaded by Germany very quickly (even October/November 1939). There’s no way to block this without editing vanilla files

It’s just a pack of events. It will be compatible with every other mod, but if you have some mods changing the map and adding provinces then my mod will probably generate a lot of border gore.


Q: Is it Ironman compatible?
A: No.

Q: Can I use it together with Road to 56/Expert AI?
A: You can use it with the Expert AI or Road to 56, but these mods are never historically correct, so I don’t see any reason to do it. The events were optimised to work for vanilla AI and vanilla focus trees and produce historically accurate and immersive world war experience. Using this mod togehter with Expert AI will also mess up Chinese borders (it will REALLY mess them up).
I advise you to disable all peace conferences, AI tweaks, ideas and Phoney War mechanics in mod settings if you play with one of the above.

Q: Is it Kaiserreich/Millenium Dawn compatible?
A: I wonder myself.

Q: Why didn’t you use focus trees instead of events to make the game more historical?
A: Minor nations don’t need any focus trees. The game can be historically accurate without trees for every nation in the game.

Q: Can I use this mod by itself or do I need to use any other mods?
A: This mod has some cool synergies with my Vanilla Formable Nations Patch, but it’s not required by any means.

Q: Any DLCs required?
A: No. Although I’m testing the mod on the game with all DLCs installed + Vanilla Formable Nations Patch


Future plans:
– Soviet Invasion of Poland events
– more peace conference events to also include ahistorical scenarios (Germany-USA, Germany-UK, Poland-Germany, Poland-Soviet Union, Japan without Germany-Soviet Union, USA-Soviet Union)
– post-war rework for communist Romania, Bulgaria and Albania
– more events for British Raj/India
– German-Soviet war rework to produce more historical results (Germany going further than Kiev and reaching Moscow and Stalingrad before being pushed back)

@{sBc} Bane5 for creating Boleslaw Bierut’s portrait – link to his mod "Historical Poland: National Focus Tree & More":

@Ludwig von WoeWoe for creating the Phibun portrait – link to his mod "Indochina Portrait Pack":

@Logan for creating the Mohammad Reza Pahlawi portrait:

for the Russian translation of the mod

@Projekt Neptunia
for the German translation of the mod

for the Brazilian translation of the mod

special thanks to @Bullet
the author of the "No AI Spam – General" mod:
It was his idea that I borrowed to use custom ideas to limit the AI division production.
Similar mechanic is implemented as an option in this mod.

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