Realistic & Immersive Coats of Arms – Formable Nations Add-On

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Author: CSRZ

Last revision: 23 Jan at 14:59 UTC (9)

File size: 2.85 MB

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compatible with 1.10 patch

Official add-on for Realistic & Immersive Coats of Arms:

This simple mod implements scripted GUI in a way to allow the formable nations to have their own and unique emblems. Additionally any Reichskommisariats of fascist Germany will use their overlords emblem over their own.

Known bugs:
– civil war split tags will still use generic emblems

– compatible with everything that doesn’t completely overhaul the UI
– if you have conflicting UI mods the CoA/emblems can show in strange places

Is it Ironman compatible?
– probably not – scripted GUI and all that

Any DLCs or other mods required?
– Nope, but majority of the tags won’t load unless you have Waking the Tiger DLC. Some of the emblems (like Vichy, Soviet China, Italian Social Republic) won’t work without my Vanilla Formable Nations Patch – link to VFNP here:

Post all of the bugs and ideas below.